How do I check traffic of a website?

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Can anyone recommend any free tools to check the traffic of websites?

I am aware of but the issue here is that for small sites (low traffic numbers) you require membership which I can't afford.

So if anyone could suggest free alternative tools to do this it would be very useful

Thanks in advance!
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    There's also, but I'll warn you in advance that none of these tools are exact (and in many cases they're nowhere near the true numbers). Alexa and Compete use estimations based on people using their toolbars and other data sources.

    The only reliable website I've found is, which estimates, but also has a decent number of sites who use their pixel, which gives exact numbers. The pixel is great because Quantcast gives website owners an in-depth view into their demographics and audience information.
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    Try has been really helpful for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nytshade is another great site to check website traffic. You can also try Google Adplanner, Site Worth Traffic and URL Trends. Hope that helps
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      The only even half-reliable way to check a website's traffic is from its server logs - and there are reasons for that: visitor numbers are information that isn't available to anyone else.

      Anything else is just guesswork (whether it's as wildly inaccurate and arbitrary as "" or not).

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    There are several ways in order to judge the traffic of a site.

    You can easily judge the traffic of the site using Alexa rank.

    Sometimes Alexa rank may be insane. It ranks SEO blogs higher, as most of the visitors of these blogs have Alexa toolbar installed.

    So I always trust on using Similarweb and SEMRush combined.

    Similarweb helps you in getting the percentage of traffic that a website is getting organically, referrals and social media.
    SEMRush can be used to find the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, the volume of those keywords, and the amount of traffic your competitor is receiving for the keywords.

    By combining the figures of both the above tools you can easily judge the traffic that your competitor is getting.

    The above process is free.

    If you want to get more accurate and lazy approach, I prefer QuantCast as loaf1011 said.
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      Originally Posted by akshayrhallur View Post

      Sometimes Alexa rank may be insane. It ranks SEO blogs higher, as most of the visitors of these blogs have Alexa toolbar installed.
      This is why Alexa shouldn't be trusted. Their stats come from their toolbar. Exactly what kind of users do you think their samples come from? (I'll let you draw your own conclusions.)
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  • Profile picture of the author skyro & are the 2 most popular sites for checking websites traffic and other data about the site such as visitors age range, sex, and where they visit the site from.
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    To check the traffic of the website there are various tools available.
    But best 2 of them include:
    1. Alexa
    2. Google Analytics
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    Many thanks to all who replied I shall investigate these further!
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    Google Anaylitics

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    Google Analytics Consider as very reliable solution for tracking visitors for your website.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    One of the most accurate and free tools is Google Analytic's, highly recommend you use.
    When used in combination with Google Webmaster Tools you have a very concise and detailed insight of where your traffic has came from, where they have went on your site, exactly how long they have been on your site and any conversions - to name just a few features.
    Webmaster Tools gives you insight into a tonne of stuff like what search terms where used by traffic that's visited your site and also links to your site among other great features.
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    I don't do any competitive research for it (like looking at competitor's data), but i do it for my own personal reasons. And when i do look at the traffic of a website, i only use and alexa. But don't be inclined to think that just because a site has more traffic than you, that they are making more money than you. I've seen sites with 3,000,000 alexa ranking make more money than sites with 400,000 alexa ranking.
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  • I use ... it's free (there is a "premium" option, but I just use the free option.) I've used it for several years now.
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    Why don't you use your logs on your server via cPanel?

    If you have a Wordpress Install there is a plugin that I use called Slimstat that is pretty good.
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  • Profile picture of the author Warrior Mac , free and pretty much reliable.

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