What's your reaction to a lousy looking site?

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Sometimes, when I see a member's posts that catch my interest, I click through to see what they are talking about on their site. Sometimes, I'm happy with what I see and other times disappointed. There are times when the site being linked to is really good. Of course, what's good or not is subjective. Some people focus on content. Others look at aesthetics and site design.

Of course, I look at site design first. If the site doesn't look good, then that's an instant turn off. I won't click away automatically but at least it's one strike against that site.

If the email subscription box is the first thing I see when I click through, I won't stay long. After all, I don't know what that site owner offers of value to me and having it pushed into my face is for their benefit, not mine.

If I have time to see the content and read it first, then there's a better chance I will subscribe. After all, I know that I'm getting more of the type of content I see on their site, rather than 'mystery content' that has no relevance.

The aesthetic value is a huge deal to me; professional site/blog template (not just the default Wordpress template); complementary site colors are what I look for. Any garish colors catch my attention and leave a bad impression.

If that same site can't follow up with amazing content (whatever it is that was promised by the link I clicked on), then I have to leave.

Maybe that's just a pet peeve of mine, wishing that sites could live up to the promise of the link. For me, this is true, whether I'm clicking on a signature link; link on Facebook or something on Twitter. I want the site to look good and if it does, provide the information that I want.

If the site looks amateurish, then I know the site owner is likely fly by night. And, I'm not giving my money to someone like that. You can't build trust with a site visitor if you can't simply look professional.
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    I'm one that's all about the modern design. If you're website looks like crap, then you probably don't care about your business that much. If it looks nice and modern, then you look much more professional and will gain some instant authority with at least keeping up with the trends.
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    I always think about what kind of thinking that the person has when building that lousy site ( i'm talking about the design, because it also often that a lousy designed site filled with great content ).

    So i will try to explore a little bit more then if I found that the site is valuable, I will bookmark it. The design is one thing, and also the content.

    At least thats what my reaction is.
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    I used to have an html site that was very ugly but it did convert very well.

    Ugly sites convert.

    On the flip side, I have seen some webmasters in IM who get thousands and thousands of visitors each day and yet they don't make enough to buy groceries.

    This problem stems from having a poor mindset.

    My blog that I use isn't fancy at all, just plain jane.

    It doesn't really matter what your 'size' is or how 'appealing' it looks, your success all comes down to one thing...

    Doing the best with what you already have!

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    If that is someone whom i know, i will email him/her and make give some suggestion on how to improve the site.
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    For me everything on the site needs to look like it belongs to a million dollar marketer. I have seen some coaching programs here (promoted through sig links) that look like they were outsourced from Fiverr and yet the services are priced at several hundred dollars. What would you think of such a coach?

    It does you more harm than the hand automatically clicking on the cross button!
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    If I come across a lousy looking website, I wont spend a lot of time on it. Ill check if something useful is there on that website, otherwise I will quit the website immediately.
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      I like simplicity, especially in site design. if I have to hunt for whatever it is I want to see, no matter how pretty the site is, I will exit most times.

      If I can't figure out what the site is supposed to be for, then I won't stay on there long.

      I don't really like things that follow my cursor or scrolling behavior around the screen, because what I really like is being able to choose what I am going to look at or interact with, and I don't need constant direction.

      I have seen some sites that look like they are from 1999 but are easy to use, so I don't necessarily leave early from those, and some sites done in parallax that I exit immediately.

      The internet is so big these days that i can find pretty much anything I want in another site. not always, but most of the time.

      Lots of design ideas and gewgaws are sold - not because they enhance the reader's experience but because someone invented something and wants other people to use it or buy from the inventor.

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    I'm more interested in the content. Did the creator get my attention? What am I going to learn by being here? Aesthetics and functionality are important but valuable content trumps that stuff. I was doing some research a couple of days ago and stumbled onto a site that was a treasure chest of info.

    The site had the feel of something from the 1990s. The copyright notice at the bottom of the page read: 1997-2014. Much of the content was center justified and stretched across the entire screen. Not the easiest text to read but the information was just what I was looking for. So it goes...
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    There aren't many sites that look ugly to me. Ugly is in the eye (or sheep mindset) of the beholder. I usually look at the content to see if the site is worth my time. I look at people the same way.

    The worst looking site I've seen is All Solutions Network. It's an HTML nightmare, and designers everywhere - like myself - cringe at it. I even contacted the owner to see if I could help, for a reasonable fee. He didn't bite.

    The homepage has actually improved the past couple years, but still ugly. Even clicking through some of the links is not as bad as it was; but still awful. The real horror is when you join, and get into the membership pages. I won't even try to describe it.

    But apparently the owner makes a good living from it, so... who knows??
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    Its not so much the ugly that matters to me its the content! If it has great content that provides real value then its ok for me.
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