People using a blog to learn a new language, what would you expect it to have?

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As part of my business, I am thinking of starting a blog to teach the language of my country to people from outside. This language, Basque, is a minority language but yet quite interesting for some people outside this country since it is said to be the oldest language in Europe.

So, a question directed to people that have used a blog/website to learn a language, what would you expect it to have? I mean, I´ve thought about:
  • Online live classes on Skype
  • Posts about grammar and vocabulary
  • Posts about basque culture

Am I forgetting anything that you consider important? Could someone give me any examples of personal blogs doing this for any other language?

Thanks in advanced.
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    You can try to target a group of audience. ie Tourist, people who are interested in history or people who are really interested in Basque.

    For example if i am tourist, I would wish to learn simple Basque like:

    Hi/Hello how are you?
    Good morning/afternoon/evening
    My name is ...

    Hope this helps

    P.S I love Europe!
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    If you are doing it as a business, I would first check to see if anyone wants to learn this language in sufficient numbers to make it a business.

    For example, from a quick look at a Wikipedia article about Basque, I see that it is not a very common or popular language - even for that region so it's hard to imagine a lot of demand to learn it. There are lots of ads on Google for people wanting to learn Spanish or Chinese. This shows that these may be profitable languages to teach. But zero ads for Basque.

    If doing it as a hobby though none of that really matters.

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    I would expect the following:

    Word lists of the most common words.
    Posts on pronunciation
    Techniques for learning words and grammar (anki, memrise and spaced repetition among many others)
    Word groups (common words/phrases for travel, business, ordering food)
    Word groups based on business, medical, etc

    Skype lessons are tough and can be tedious. You can recommend italki or perhaps start your own YouTube channel going over your posts so that the reader has something to correlate with your lessons.
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