What can I do with extra man hours for Marketing

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I have a small online store selling cellphone accessories. I have two employees doing order packing and customer services for me. They are both great people, however, with the current sales, they just needed a half day each day to get the job done. I really hate to let go of either of them, or cut their hours, and they are willing to do all kinds of work for me.

My question is: what can I do with two well-educated people, 8 hours daily in total, to promote my Amazon and eBay store, my website and/or my social media channels? Or, maybe I should just think outside of the box: what else can they do to help me generate more revenue?
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    There are lots of things they could do.

    Focus on promoting your business, adding new customers, increasing your range of offerings, and nurturing your current subscribers.

    Depending on their skills, you could also start another income stream and have them add content to the new site, do promotion, and customer service.

    There are so many things they could do, but you ought to spend some time testing the things you're now doing to see if they are really adding to your business profit.

    To be honest, you are the business owner . . . you should know how to best deploy your workforce.


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      Thank you, Steve! You brought up some great points! However, I guess I need advice on what people do to promote small online business. Let me be more specific.

      For example, I told my guys to update our social media channels daily, but we are not getting enough fans and followers as we want. Maybe there is a more efficient way of doing this?

      I also ask them to search forums related to our products to write about our products, but a lot of times their post are deleted as spams. What did we do wrong?

      Are there any labor work (like clicking, posting links) they can do to improve the SEO of our pages?
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