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Ok, looking for honest opinions here, but I was chewing the fat with a pal on the weekend and we were discussing which membership sites offer value to IMers.

Now, I haven't personally had a great deal of experience with membership sites. I'm savvy with the theory, but as with anything IM there's always the fun tinkering which keeps us up into the wee hours of the night wanting to get something right. Well, at least that's what I'm like. I know, I know...I should outsource more, but I just like being hands on, and dammit if I figure I can do something I'll keep trying til I get it right...but I digress. The point is, I like trying stuff out, but I want to know any project I start will be worthwhile.

One of the things we were discussing (he's heavily into Network Marketing by the way) was whether you guys and gals think there would be any value in a site that provided a fortnightly or monthly product analysis for a Clickbank or PayDotCom or other accessible affiliate product. It would include:

- A full review (not necessarily one of those 'hype' or warm sell reviews, just the raw details which members could then shape into their own such a review for marketing purposes). The product would be purchased to do the review.

- A keyword list to get started.

- 10-15 Articles exclusively written for that product niche and for members, not recycled PLR. Articles come with full rights for members only.

- At least one video (in editable format) on the product or niche.

- A squeeze page with custom graphics.

- 5 or 6 banner graphics in psd or customizable form.

- Either a report, or e-course on the niche to aid opt-ins.

- Software tools to help article and video submission.

- Membership forum.

- Video tutes on traffic generation etc in the membership area.

- A poll each fortnight or month as to which niche members want a product review on next.

I dunno what else...suggestions? The above is stuff I know I can do no sweat, but I'll bet there is more.

It would be done with the view that members (strictly limited in number) could 'hit the ground running' on any given campaign. The products would have to be fairly carefully selected to find that balance between those which are converting, and those where market saturation is a problem.

It's nothing ingenious...but aimed at avoiding a lot of the legwork that a lot of new marketers can't necessarily afford to outsource at standard rates. With a membership site the cost could effectively be dispersed and thus affordable.

Is this something you would find helpful? If yes, what price point would see you in? If not, slam it...I'll go back to the drawing board Moreover, does anyone already offer such a service...should I scrap this idea and just join theirs?

Anyway, since I value your opinions, I figured I'd throw it out there.
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    Hi Ben,

    I do something similar with my PeoCash Pack.
    And my idea is also to make membership site, so if you are interested we can do it together.

    Price could be from $25 to $50, depends of number od members.

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