Making every day a launch day?

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Hey everyone,

New to the forum and happy to be here. Looks like there's some gold nuggets here that I'm ready to dig into.

Anyway, I think most of know that product launches are huge. You can make a bunch of money on launch days because of all the anticipation built up through autoresponders from your "prelaunch list".

Now what if you set up all your prelaunch emails in a follow-up sequence in Aweber? Let me try to explain a little better...

For example, let's say I have 6 emails that build up to the product launch. Now someone subscribes today and receives the 1st of 6 emails. The product will launch on the 6th email.

Six days later, that first subscriber is receiving his email saying that the product is launched blahblah, but on that same day a new person subscribes and he now receives the 1st of 6 emails.

Has anyone ever tried this? If so, how did it work? Product launches are amazing because of all the anticipation that is built up, but has anyone ever tried my method?

Let me know!
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    Yes, people have been doing this for years and years. They just don't call it a product launch. You sign up for a course, for example, delivered in 6 parts. Each part builds up anticipation of some product that complements the course, until the final mail sells you on buying it, and you do so. There are many variations, but the technique is not new.

    I'm sure you've come across a sales page that has today's date at the top, and a "this offer ends <tomorrow's date>" type thing at the end, right? Those have been around as long as dynamic webpages too, same concept without the e-mails.
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    Hey Dan,

    Yes, I am aware of the scripts that display tomorrow that creates urgency and all, but that's not exactly what I was talking about.

    I think the first part of your post answered my question. I'm on a lot of marketer's lists but I've never actually seen someone do what I described so that's why I was asking.
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