Which type of flyer is better for response

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I am looking at doing a leaflet drop in my City.

This is to offer my services as a hypnotherapist.

Any thoughts of whether an A5 flyer or a tri fold leaflet would be better for response rate?
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    A5 flyer worked for me for Distributing at the Market / Festival

    Trifold better results if Dropped into some ones office

    Hope That helps
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    Thanks Shashie
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    We do an awful lot of offline marketing (not for GRM; my other businesses). The choice between those 2 depends on the product or service. Give you an example. One product we promote requires very little explanation other than the headline, little bit of text, and the URL. In that case, a simple black A5 with white lettering has proven to work the best. Then you have a collection of services we promote and these require explanation. In that case - tri fold generates the most leads. We've tested this for years. It boils down to this: How much information do you need to impart to secure a website visit / phone call? Less = A5; more = tri fold.


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