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Does anyone know... how i can get some Free Traffic generation to start?? I am on a small budget.
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    Facebook groups, Google groups, Yahoo answers, Youtube, Reddit are good way for you to try
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      Originally Posted by ulianov View Post

      Facebook groups, Google groups, Yahoo answers, Youtube, Reddit are good way for you to try
      Best ways to start indeed!
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    YouTube is a great place.

    I have several channels some with over a million views which create traffic for me every day.

    A little 5 step formula for you

    1) Create 2-3 minute videos that solve problems for your audience.
    2) Upload them to a dedicated YouTube account
    3) Make sure the title, description and tags include your keywords
    4) Add an offer with a link at the top of your description. Remember to use http:// otherwise your link will not work.
    5) Make sure you link goes to a landing page and capture peoples email addresses.

    Hey ho you have a sweet little free traffic strategy working for you 24/7

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    -Niche Forum Signature (post quality stuff)
    -Social Networks (FB, Twitter, YT, Reddit, Pinterest...)
    -Guest Post (not free, but very useful)
    -Yahoo Answers is also a good way to gain free targeted traffic
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    all the answers is really very good answer thanks for this answer. there are many way for increase our website,forum,guest post, video marketing etc. this is really very good way for increase traffic out website.
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    Try to post unique content in blogs,web 2.0
    Participate in social networking sites
    Participate in forums
    Participate in blog commenting,bookmarking
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    Getting free traffic is easy; knowing what to do with it is something else. How are you monetizing? I'll see if I can help there.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    To generate free traffic needs involvement.You can try these two sources
    Quora is much like forums, the traffic is much more relevant than many other sources.
    Pinterest can be a massive source of referral traffic.
    See How To Go From $0 To $100K In A Year
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    Originally Posted by mace1991 View Post

    Does anyone know... how i can get some Free Traffic generation to start?? I am on a small budget.
    In addition to the You Tube method from Bernard which is spot on, you could also have a look in the War Room, as there are a few freebies in there from fellow warriors with regards to free traffic methods?
    The Rock n Roll of Marketing Reviews
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    These are some good free traffic sources:

    1. SEO
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
    3. Video Marketing (Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion)
    4. Q & A sites ( Yahoo Answers, Quora, Answers)
    5. Social Bookmarking sites (Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon)
    6. Web 2.0 sites (Hubpages, Squidoo, Bukisa)
    7. Article Marketing ( Ezine Articles, Geo Articles, Article Base)
    8. Blog Commenting
    9. Guest Blogging
    10. Forum Marketing

    - Nizam
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    You can rank the top 10 sites relevant to your niche... What I mean by that is to make a high quality topic or pay someone to write it ( if you have a budget ) about the top 10 blogs or websites about the same niche and rank these sites then post the topic in your blog and send the topic's link to these websites' owners and ask them to share it with the readers I think they will be more than happy to do this. in this way you will generate tons of free relevant traffic it may sounds easy but the process may be hard at the first time
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    in my opinion/experience, one of the best traffic sources is YT AND Google Hangouts that can go also to the top 5 results on Google, so you grab traffic form YT and from Google contemporaneously.

    Hope that helps!
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    Social Media
    Solo ads
    Guesting blogging
    ----> LIMITED!! [FREE REPORT] How To Generate 1,200 Visitors A Day FREE! <----

    Step-By-Step Traffic System :: Free For Limited Time!
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      Right here.........the Warrior Forum.

      Make good posts here and have a link in your
      signature. Not an affiliate link but a link to
      your website.

      Be Well

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    My fav is Forum Marketing, Facebook and YouTube Marketing. These are my main ways of generating traffic to my sites.
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    Build relationships with people and give people value. And use the forums people have suggested previously. They are all good.

    Keep in mind that free marketing is not really free because it takes up a lot of your time, and your time is very valuable. You can always get more money, but you can't get more time.
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      Reddit is the best option in my experience. I really like this if you have great content. You can even get thousands of users in a single day. I have experience this yesterday as well. Reddit is the best option

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    Do googling your targeted keyword and find recent contents that indexed in less than 24 hours then leave your comments into many websites. And you get traffic. It is free way.
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    I can suggest Youtube & Pinterest.
    Top 2 social network to get massive free traffic. Fast, easy and quality visitors.

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      I been using Pinterest since long , but never got traffic from it...
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    Getting quick free traffic that converts will take time, skill and consistency.

    Many posters have mentioned many ways above. Pick one and only one that you feel is a match for your personality type.

    Master it.

    Don't go chasing too many rabbits because you will just get overwhelmed and end up quitting.
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    Free traffic alone won't do you any good - what you need is free "targeted" traffic. The source would depend on your niche and what you are trying to get out of the traffic.
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    #1 Who are you targeting... Who is your "avatar"

    #2) When your just starting out don't try to do it all at once. You will be over whelmed. Pick one platform and stick with it until you see results before moving onto another.

    #3)Video is Key and probably the fastest way to get found! It's SEO Friendly..It can be shared just about any where. It also converts about as well as paid traffic ( sometimes even better).

    To Better Marketing!
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    Simple. Find a site that gets a lot of traffic and see if there's a software that automates it. Use the sitr to make money through the traffic then create your own software and/or higher outsourcers.
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    Find a compatible niche on Youtube and ask other Youtube commentators to comment about and review your product or service.
    Google DOMINATION SEO service - Take your site 1st page of Google.
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    High PR web2.0,
    Facebook post
    Twitter post
    Quora Post
    Forum post
    VIdeo promotion are the best way to get free traffic
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    Have a great Blog attached to your website, many successful websites have great blogs attached to them and get most of their traffic from there.

    Satyam Hosting (India) - Powerful VPS & Dedicated Servers

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    All about backlinks to your website which mean when you post something on facebook,twitter,youtube...etc when pointing to your site you not just get traffic from these social networks but your site ranking on search engine will increase...but it takes time and work to did this.
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    If your blog is new, forget about seo. Try to post quality content which solve readers problems.

    Your content drive traffic to your site.
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    Guest blogging, forum posting, social media, email marketing are other ways to drive traffic.
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    Originally Posted by mace1991 View Post

    Does anyone know... how i can get some Free Traffic generation to start?? I am on a small budget.
    Energy and effort, of course

    No really, you'd be surprised just how much you can get done using energy and effort. PLUS:

    Those 2 things don't cost you any moolah.

    Oh right, you are looking for a specific traffic spot...

    YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, forums... just to name a few
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    I have a friend that created a facebook group where she added all her friends and asked them to also add their friends.

    She made a local sale/trade group and has over 15,000 members now. The members can only post advertisements if they invite 100 other people, so that's how it got so big.

    It is very useful and I think it's a good idea.
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    Find something your Passionate about
    Turn your phone sideways and record yourself...
    Make videos post on YT and don't stop
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    Simple: Hang out where your target market hangs out online and/or offline and share what you do with them in a non-spammy way.
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    II like to take a little bit of a big picture approach to this question.

    Bill Gate once said, " If I want anything done I give it to a lazy person because the lazy one will find easier ways to get the job done " (paraphrase). It's no surprise he used an automated system (sort of) for his ice bucket challenge.

    No wonder he is the richest man in the world.

    A lot of people have advised sheer grunt work and disguise it by calling it hard work. My advise: Let your hard work be in things that will bring the most value to your business. Don't just go down the 130 list posted above. Ask yourself what is working in 2014. What will work in 2015. What are the thought leaders talking/writing/speaking about. Who are my competitors. What competitive advantages do they have. What tools are they using. What can I automate? how can I get cheap labor? Am I very good at something that I can trade for something else? Can I use the JV approach?

    If you are hoping for success which I hope you do, let your question not just be how to get free traffic but why. Someone might even argue that traffic you get for free may not convert as much as you will like them to.(But that is another beast altogether)
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    Use tumblr and reddit for get traffic.these are the best social media sites for get huge traffic and get ranked easily.
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    A couple of ways to get free traffic :

    Start following people on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Tumblr, etc. who have the same interests as the niche(s) you promote. Most of them will follow you back. Make it easy for them to find your link to you blog, squeeze page, etc.

    Place free classified ads on OLX(dot)com, UsFreeAds(dot)com, CraigsList, Classifieds - Free Classified Ads Online etc.

    Make videos and put them on YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

    Re-write some PLR articles into your own words, make them into 5 to 10 page PDF documents and distribute them on Scribd and other document sharing sites.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
    Click here now. (no opt-in required)

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  • Profile picture of the author Flyinghigh - Send some fun to your friends! Free Traffic! Hope it is okay to post this here.
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    Wow, what a thread...I think everything has already been mentioned but if you do video creation, please make sure you keep them short and to the point. Don't let the same topic be repeated in the video. Just keep it short.

    Forum marketing is an excellent free source as previously mentioned.
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      Following are the Traffic Generation
      --Facebook page and post some interesting discussion for continuous Engagement
      --Twitter post and Continuous following and try to increase followers
      --Forum posting for discussion
      --Use of Pinterest
      --Sharing of your Information and Change your content at some regular time
      --Regular Unique Content Writing and Blog Postings

      Above are the some of the Methods in my opinion to increase the Traffic of websites.
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    be active on various social media's and start answering on forums.
    Select 2-3 forums and try to be active on it.

    Submit your site to top search engine to get organic traffic. My blog will help you in search engine submission and in improving your blog's SEO.

    Hope this helps !
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      Certainly tons of ideas - whatever you do DON'T try ALL of them!
      You only have a limited amount of time per day, right, so planning is important to us newbies in order to get the best use out of our time.
      Pick a couple of techniques and do your homework to get good at them.
      Do them consistently and you will see some results. Then you could develop another technique when you find the first ones easier, as they will be taking up less of your time because you are more familiar with them.
      It always takes 3-4 times longer to do something the first time, than it does to do the same thing after 10 goes!

      Good luck,

      Brian B.
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    Pinterest is great for quick, free traffic. It is easy to set up and their clientele (mostly women) click plenty and are very active. Also forming a blogger blog with current events related material gets traffic at a good rate.
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  • 1) Blog Commenting
    2) Forum Participation
    3) Youtube Videos
    4) SEO
    5) Social Sharing
    6) Twitter Marketing
    7) Affiliate Partners

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    Free video: How regular people are making 6-figures per month on the internet! [URL=""][B]Watch this free video now![/B][/URL] <==[/CENTER]

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    Hire someone on fiverr for:
    1). Create any tips about something you're in expert with it, and share it to pdf share site. Besure to put your url link there on the pdf.
    2). Create a short video about your service and submit into youtube with your url link.
    3). JV with someone whos have a nice product and ask them to JV your service as a free bonuses on their download page.
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      I think it is safe to say that Facebook has become a top choice of many to really get free traffic.

      With Fan Pages, you can really almost do anything as it relates to Marketing.

      It is just a matter of learning it and constantly engaging with it

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Forum Participation,Youtube Videos,Social Sharing those are the main steps to geting traffic to your website.
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    Forum Participation,Youtube Videos,SEO, Social Sharing, Twitter Marketing,
    Affiliate Partners
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    so, OP, you have now been given 100's of methods for free traffic, have you done anything with your new knowledge? I'm interested to see if it worked out for you
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    There's endless free traffic techniques. Here's a list to pursue: SEO, social media, video marketing, document sharing, stumbleupon, article marketing, hubpages (web 2.0) all are free ways.
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    My personal favorite is article writing. It can be a slow process but once uploaded it will be available for a long time.
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    These are some free traffic sources I use:

    1. SEO
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
    3. Video Marketing (Youtube, Daily Motion)
    4. Q & A sites (Yahoo Answers, Quora, Answers)
    5. Social Bookmarking sites (Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon)
    6. Article Marketing ( Ezine Articles, Geo Articles, Article Base)
    7. Blog Commenting
    8. Guest Blogging
    9. Forum Marketing

    You can find more information about how everything works in here as well, just use the advanced search from the site and check out every traffic source.
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    Hi Melanie, you're asking the wrong question. It's not how do I get free traffic the real question is how do I attract readers.

    First off what is your website about? Who is your target market? Are you writing great content that solves problems they have?

    If you are fantastic! The key now is to write great blog content based on a keyword strategy. You should be blogging as much as possible and because you probably don't have organic search traffic yet you can promote your content. Turn your blog posts into presentations and upload them to presentation sites like SlideShare and AuthorStream - I get alot traffic like that. Also work on building up your audience so they will see it when you share content. In addition you can use tools like StumbleUpon discovery advertising which is really cheap and very effective. Also try websites like JustRetweet Twitter Retweets, More Traffic, Followers & Retweet Tool to get others to tweet out your content. Remember don't be so focused on getting traffic. Instead be focused on creating content that's deserving OF TRAFFIC. If you do that you'll build a great audience of readers in no time! Good Luck!
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    I would prefer blog submission,article submission and actively working in facebook and twitter,linkedin
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    Tammy does have a point. Traffic is ok, but you'd have to make the website interesting, so visitors won't leave after 3 seconds!
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    The website has to be efficient and user friendly. This helps in holding the visitor's attention. The navigation of the website should also be easy so that people can go anywhere within the website with ease.
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    there are number of methods best are:
    you tube
    forum posting
    social media marketing
    Skype: nirali.adattract
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    The link in my signature takes you to a blog post I just wrote about content's free to write, it's free to syndicate! All the best to you.
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    Yo can try social signals to your websites, which is must in these days. When I talk about social signals, it covers all social media activities like:-

    - Tweets of Your Sites
    - Facbook Likes on Your Sites Page
    - Facebook Shares
    - Google Plus Votes for Your Site
    - Pinterest Pins

    If you are able to generate them at you own using your circle, that will be the best. And you can generate massive traffic from the above activities.
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    Focus on sales conversion.Getting traffic for free can be very tedious unless you have a lot of time and energy. The key is converting that traffic - creating a relationship with it and supporting it is essential. Otherwise there a ton of already stated ways here.

    Good Luck!
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    Originally Posted by mace1991 View Post

    Does anyone know... how i can get some Free Traffic generation to start?? I am on a small budget.
    Yes, it is possible to generate free traffic even if you're on a small budget. Free traffic comes from the social media and online forums.

    If you are advertising on google adwords, of course it is not free. In the meantime, you must realise that if the budget set is too low, it's going to affect traffic performance adversely.

    If I may suggest the least possible budget from a pool of experience, I must say that you start a budget from $1.00 upwards. With this minimum budget, your traffic generation will perform excellently.
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    There is not rally a such thing as free even though you aren't investing money you are investing time.Now you can get leads without paying money via fb groups and forums by sharing value networking and connecting.
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    Free traffic is not quality traffic, i would rather have 100 visitors that are real than 100,000 free visitors that are bots.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Trujillo
    My suggestion is to stick with one marketing method and get good at it then from there venture off into a different tactic. I think people don't see results they desire because they jump around from tactic after tactic without just focusing on one thing. There are many ways to go about free marketing. Blogging, Video Marketing , Forums, Facebook Fan Page to name a few. The trick is consistency with free marketing none of it happens over night.
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    Believe it or not, I get a lot of traffic from my many images. Most of this is due to Google images. However, you can also post your images on pinterest and plead - please pin me. There are many other pin boards, but they get a lot less traffic, still, your chances of going viral an a small niche board increase. That will get you a lot of traffic, but poor conversion. Like we can't win em all, but we try any way.
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    Free traffic can be very high quality if you gather it right.
    People who visit my sig. links are very qualified. More so then PPC traffic for "make money" keywords.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    my best free traffic came from:

    1- search engines (seo)
    2-Google Plus
    3-Facebook page
    4-Forum marketing
    5-Blog Commentinng ( is my sucess secret)
    6-Twitter (automatic machine)

    Good luck Bro ,
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  • Profile picture of the author affiliolabs
    Forums, Social Media - FB, Twitter and Pinterest to start, Blogging and content syndication - we could go on and on....
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  • I must admit, when it comes to generating free traffic, almost nothing works faster than videos to drive unlimited free traffic to your website/squeeze page/offer etc.

    Article marketing and niche forum posting also provides me with targeted free buyers traffic.
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    Engage your customers using free social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other free Forum and Blogsites. Just make sure to post or comment relevant content!

    Get Your Free Copywriting Guide at

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    Hello mace1991,

    Want to free traffic ?

    1. Use social media (facebook, pinterest, G+, twitter, tumblr, youtube) to promote your content or website.
    2. Do social bookmarking on top sites.
    3. Use directory submission for your website.
    4. Do search engine submission.
    5. Discuss in forum sites.
    6. Submit articles on top free article submission sites.
    7. Do blog creation and submission with commenting.

    Apply all these options to get free traffic.

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    Youtube is a good place to start cause its free and profitable when done right. Another thing I suggest you do is join as many facebook groups as you can in your niche and start posting on groups. There are ways to automate this process too.

    Hope that helps
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