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Hey Everyone!

I am a Branding/Media expert who helps people create authority and demand in their niche.

Basically its PR for individuals. My coaching is all based on the idea that it is simple to separate yourself from others when you position yourself as the expert both online as well as well as offline. I teach people how to get media presence etc.

My dilemma is..

What niche is this?

I am wondering if the "make money online" niche is interested in creating authority?

In my offline business I target fitness and health professionals B2B but I can not find this niche anywhere online in the IM world.

My content is great for authors, coaches, personal brands, personal trainers etc...

Any help in which direction I should take would be amazing!!

#dilemma #niche
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      I think many in the "make money online" niche are interested in creating authority. Conveying legitimacy can be a huge asset and ultimately helps with trust and conversions.
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      Yea I've been thinking that too but it's more business than personal dev. I assume there are lot of entrepreneurs in this niche too. I'll do some digging . Thank you!!
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    You are an expert?

    And, you are asking this question??


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      You are an expert?

      And, you are asking this question??

      Yes I am asking The online and offline world are significantly different. My audience offers B2C services and it's very straight forward. My coaching is in the B2B space and i find the IM world is very segmented. My curiosity is online marketers care for the same pr that offline experts do. TV and magazines etc. All I keep reading is it's all in the list...

      Thanks for reading my questions anyway.
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    I'd expand the offline business. Maybe set up a few new locations, hire goon staff members, and check on the stats with the head manager you hired - once a week. I understand you want to do online marketing to make more money at a lower cost... and this is smart. But like agmcall said... (LOL)...

    "You are an expert? And, you are asking this question??"

    Girl if you got questions holla at me.
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    Originally Posted by StephanieJoanne View Post

    My dilemma is..

    What niche is this?
    Why does it matter what you name it?

    But anyway, I think you misunderstand what a niche is. A niche isn't just the name of the industry (or sub-industry or sub-sub-industry) you're in, but what you do in that industry. For instance back in the day IBM and Microsoft were both kings in the PC industry -- but they had very different niches. IBM built the computers, Microsoft built the software that ran on them. Not only were they not competitors, but their success depended on each other.

    So if you still need a name for your niche, think about who your competitors are. The name of their niche is the name of your niche.
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      Originally Posted by kilgore View Post

      Why does it matter what you name it? .
      That's reasonable. Yesterday I got a webinar replay on the same topic "How to get extra 200 000$ using free media".

      Speaker just explained benefits of being on mass-media. Then she described the product and gave the price 497$. That's all.

      --->> Conduct Your Own Private Seminars From Home And Sell For $497 Or More!

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