Keyword research - your metrics?

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I am currently running through some keyword research for a new niche I am entering and it is the first time I have done what you might call proper keyword research.

So I am putting together a spead sheet of various keywords and their metrics and it got me wondering if I am looking at the right metrics - and what figures other people look at.

So let me ask you... what metrics are you measuring when doing your keyword research? What figures do you think worth 'biting at'?

From my own point of view I am recording

Global traffic
Local traffic (in this case UK traffic) (both measured by Google keyword tool)
Number of global competitors for keyword in quotation mark search
Number of local competitors for keyword in quotation mark search
PageRank for the top one locally and globally.

Then when I have examined those that look interesting I look at the page that is ranking top and examine backlinks for domain and page and see if I can out do what they have done.

Am I on the right track? What is it you guys measure?
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