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Hello guys! After some thoughts I found myself as a freelancer writer wannabe.
I've got some past experience, I could start my blog as well, but writing articles which are covering wider areas is much more relaxing and comfortable for me. (It's something I love doing, besides creative writing)
When I'm usually writing an article I'm usually checking the following:
-having between 500-600 words
-original content which also has extensive research behind
-is SEO friendly (has the right keywords in it and much more)
-it's something I'd wanna read if I'd look for the subject
I'm expecting to get 15$ per article as this would take up to two hours for me, and in the end it's just the 'minimum wage'.
Any places where I can start? All I could find until now were only places without reviews and stuff.
I really appreciate any help you guys can provide.
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    Hey Alex, try, iWriter: Article Writing Service - Buy Articles, and - Quality Articles at Affordable Prices to start they all use writers like yourself to write articles for their clients. Good Luck.
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    Hi Alex,

    I am a former newspaper reporter (not by choice, I blame the Internet) and I have found that the best way to find steady clients is to pick a niche (mine is pharmaceutical companies and doctors, but it can be anything) and offer your services.

    You will first want to set up a website with articles to demonstrate that you a good writer, but you will be able to make much more than $15 an article. It will take some time to get clients and expect to be rejected more often than accepted. However, it will eventually be worth the extra effort.

    And as Paul suggested, you can try the various freelancer sites, you will be competing against other writers and the pay is usually not nearly as good.

    Good luck with your writing.

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      Setting up your own website to showcase your articles and your talents is a great idea. There are also many ways to monetize your own blogs and websites as well. The trick is getting traffic to them.
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        I was going to say that I don't think you will get $15 per article for 500-600 words...unless you are quite the writer.

        In the WFH forum I routinely see $2-$5 articles....

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          It's better to offer your services via forums where they respect the talent of a good writer. Of course, you will need to prove your worth by showing samples of your writing. If you get to a forum where they only want to pay you a dollar or two for your writing services, then just find another that values what you have to offer. Don't compete on price, compete on unique niche and writing quality.
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    You need your own website with samples and prices so people can see who you are. Run an ad in the Warriors for Hire section in this forum. Check out the bidding sites. Check out Gumtree and spend time Googling for other places to find work. There are a LOT of options but you need to take action and start.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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