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At what point would you suggest switching from shared to dedicated hosting?
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    Not really sure what you mean... Can you please tell us a little more detail?
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    When you have enough traffic to merit the additional expense.

    No reason to pay a ton extra for dedicated hosting if you don't have to.
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      Going from "shared" to "dedicated" hosting is a big jump price-wise, and is probably way more than you need to do unless you have a huge increase in traffic that overwhelms your shared account. Once your shared hosting can no longer handle your traffic, you could upgrade to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) first, which will give you a lot more resources than a typical shared plan.

      Of course, if you are getting tons of traffic and making lots of sales, you can probably easily afford to upgrade to a dedicated server, or at least a high-end VPS that will easily handle the traffic.
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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    At what point would you suggest switching from shared to dedicated hosting?
    You'll know because you are getting lots of traffic and generally making lots of money.

    Dedicated is NOT needed by the vast majority of typical WF members, Since you recently asked how to start your business, I would say you are nowhere close to needing more than shared hosting.

    The goal, of course, is to get there (the need for upgraded hosting) because that will hopefully represent success and bucks in the bank.

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    That is a tough question. And it's totally dependent on the host you are using for each, There are shared hosts who limit the numbers of sites on their servers and only use enterprise class hardware. And there are dedicated hosts who use bottom end servers and slow routers and switches.

    If you feel like you have a good shared host but are experiencing some performance issues it may be time to look for something different. But I wouldn't suggest moving to dedicated. A possible next step is a business class shared server with fast drives, hi quality servers and limited sites,

    Then a logical next step would be a VPS with guaranteed RAM and CPU access. Then when you outgrow that consider moving to a dedicated server.

    Finding a great host is really hard. Good luck.
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    If you have heavy traffic and well updated blog that is increasing your website traffic consistently, you will have to think about dedicated server in that case.

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    at a point when your current hosting server is loading slow, lag or constantly having downtime.
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    I agree with 1bate. Managed VPS Hosting is definitely a nice intermediary between shared and dedicated.
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    When you're making enough money that your website is dependant upon good uptime and speed


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    Make sure you have optimized your current hosting/wordpress site for speed and load times, once that is done if you are still lagging move on up.
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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    At what point would you suggest switching from shared to dedicated hosting?
    You need to look at the current resource usage in terms of memory usage, CPU usage & disk speed. To clarify though, "lots of traffic" doesn't mean anything because "traffic" doesn't equate to a specific amount of resources.If your site(s) are poorly coded, a dedicated server or VPS isn't going to fix that.

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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    At what point would you suggest switching from shared to dedicated hosting?
    If you manage to gain traffic daily so much that your server can't handle it, then go for it.

    Shared hosting works fine with a caching plugin. (hyper cache or w3 total cache)

    You need to have A HUGE LOAD of traffic, so much that will start to affect the speed of the shared server,
    to say that it's worth the "dedicated" upgrade.
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    I found the caching plugins for WP to be more than a pain in the butt (from a maintenance perspective). If you serve dynamic content or plan on having a membership sites they are not worth the hassle IMHO.

    Another option is to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) like Cloudfare to speed up delivering of your site.

    You can check it out here:


    Take care

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    Dedicated Hosting is for sites which have high amount of resources and traffic.
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    only if your business generates enough money to cover the extra cost .
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