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Hi warriors,
I am planning to launch my new website on Self Development. So I want your suggestion for a good, concise Domain name with buyer keyword. I am struggling from last few days and I thought of some..Self Development Method, Happy Living, Happyfyme. But I want your suggestion. I have my Facebook Page and I want to link it with my website.
Your suggestion is highly valuable for me. Hope I shall receive your response.
HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you in advance.
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    If it is primarily your own method you are promoting, perhaps your name as a dotcom would work to build your authority status.

    Buyer keywords or exact name domains are over and done with, you don't need one anymore and they don't give you an extra boos tin the SERPS. Better for your business ot have your domain up and running rather than waiting to publish because you can't find a perfect keyword name.

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    Don't worry about things like keywords in domains that's so yesterday.

    Create a brand. Stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart!
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    I last you must create a brand...who are you? How are you different? what is the advantage of knowing you?....a brand worthy of trust.
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    Brand your image and your website. Recreate you Facebook page to resemble and promote that brand. Don't worry about "buyer keywords" in your domain name, that's irrelevant now. Pick a dotcom domain name that sticks in peoples heads, one that is clear and easy for anyone to remember.
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    I have to agree 100% with the posts above.

    Having exact match domain names isn't going to give you any extra advantages as it did years ago.

    I would stick to a branding domain .com name that is going to brand you and your business.

    There is this neat(and free) little tool that I use to check and see if domain names are available and that is

    Just type in your domain in the box and it lets you know then and there if that domain name is available and also gives you a discount for the first year if you register your domains through GoDaddy(which I always have).

    But I wouldn't worry about purchasing and setting up a domain with exact match keywords in them and just stick to a branding domain that is going to brand your Self Development business.
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    Self development should be in your tag line or motto. If you need creative domain names, try a portmanteau = one made up word by combining two words together eg Facebook & groupon, change the last letters, Eg Devourz, shorten the last letters eg tumblr.
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    Personally, it might long, but say your name was Jeff, I would use something like
    "" It is simple but it explains everything just from the name and makes it personal.
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      Originally Posted by jsyz426 View Post

      Personally, it might long, but say your name was Jeff, I would use something like
      "" It is simple but it explains everything just from the name and makes it personal.
      You would use that?
      Want To Make Real Passive Income?
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    Think I have to agree with the bunch here... not because I think exact keyword domains are over their "best before date" but simply because they are so much harder to come by now - especially EXACT match dot com's!

    However, that's not to say they are impossible to come by... I like to use - when playing around with keywords, that I cross check with the Google Adwords Planner - old school method - but can't go wrong, there are still gems to be found !

    ..on the other hand - what a majority of warriors have suggested is, go for a brandable domain name and target your keyword through content marketing. This might be the sensible choice if you are in this for the long run

    All the best to you mate !
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      Thank you all the warriors here who took their time to give their suggestion in this thread. I got the confirmed idea about the domain name which until today it was like some myth to me up to some extent.
      Now I am in my way to start a new blog on self development, and after launching I shall let you know about that.
      Thanks again to all of you guys

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    Self development can be a tough road to travel WITHOUT a brand. I really don't see you with an option as far as that goes.

    Sitting down and brainstorming around the needs, wants, and pains of your "target" - for want of a better word - the person you want to help.

    What is he looking for? What brand would attract him/her?
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