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Hello gents.

I am trying different services for posting on free classified boards on the net.

I recently purchase BpAutoposter, but it's not longer supported. I just asked for a refund through Paypal.

I wanted to ask if somebody right now is using any service that feels to recommend. I look at also, but they do not offer a trial and the forum seems dead.

Any idea for posting on
My preference goes to software where I can add the categories that suit my needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards.
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    Originally Posted by better2check1st View Post

    My preference goes to software
    Mine goes to reading the terms of service carefully (ought to suit you, if you think it's "better to check first"?!), avoiding breaching them, avoiding spam, and avoiding behavior which lowers the already-perilous public reputation of "internet marketers", collectively.

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      Hello Alexa. Thank you for your sincere advice. It's much appreciated.

      I have already opened a dispute with Paypal to get my money back from since the company is not operative any longer.
      I talk only about real facts and not assumptions as many do.

      Regarding the second company. GlobalSubmissionChamp/SubmissionChamp I do not know anything yet. As I just said I do not get any reply from there in the last 48 hours and from the support board is not possible to reply to any topics.
      Moreover there is no refund for the service, but also no trial.

      If anybody uses or sells any good service for posting on classified ads websites.
      Please let me know since I am still looking for a solution.
      Indeed that was the point of the thread an not opportunity to argue with moderator.

      Cheers guys.
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        Is this the same as Backpage Pro, or another Backpage submitter. I'm having problems with the Pro getting it to work etc....
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