Killer Formula for Persuasion and Lifetime Income

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We're setting up a tele-sales team this week - so I've moved myself out of my office - so we can move our 3 new sales reps in. Now I'm in the smaller, more compact office next door. Hopefully, I'll be moving out of the office altogether soon - once we hire a CEO.

ANYWAY... I'm going through lots of papers - and found a quick "formula" from Gary Bencivenga that I thought I'd share. It's simple, but it has real value. Here it is:

Gary Bencivenga's Persuation Equation:

An Urgent Problem + A Unique Promise + Unquestionable Proof + a User-Friendly Proposition = Persuasion & Sales

I always prefer simple, elegant formulas like this - above 200+ page courses.

Are there blanks to be filled in? Absolutely. But it makes a great point. Something to write on the white board and ponder over before launching into the next offer.

I hope you find this valuable.

Now back to more sorting...

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