Advantages of a Forum versus Facebook Group?

by Raydal
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I have been active in some FB groups and it's a different
beast for sure. First, when I started my FB account it was
mainly for business purposes, then that shifted to family and
friends based on the friend requests and now I'm back to
business again because of FB groups. (You really don't
want your business associates to know that you were a
bed wetter until you were nine. It's hard to control what
Aunt Philis would write on your wall).

Now when we consider joining a forum such as this one
it's not just to interact with like-minded people and dispense
our wisdom but to advertise our business as well, whether
paid (eg. WSO) or free (eg. signature). But FB groups
don't offer the same advantages in my opinion.

The decent FB groups do not allow advertising except from
the admins (owners) of the group, so the group becomes like
an email subscriber list or blog. So the idea is, "Heh, I'm the
owner of this group, so I pimp my stuff to you, not the other
way around." So it becomes a one-way street.

Now I know that some may argue that even though you don't
have a signature on a FB group, anyone can click on your name
and find out more about you, but that's taking them away from
the discussion and they would have to dig to find your "ad".

I'll let others weigh in. What am I missing here?

-Ray Edwards
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    Adantages of facebook over discussion boards:

    Facebook groups attract a different crowd
    ‘One-click entry’ makes participation convenient
    ‘Likes’ lower the participation threshold
    Cross-posting from YouTube makes sharing seamless
    Free social-networking allows free access to the groups on mobile
    Instant group notifications
    Sending mass messages
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    I think you are right about your assumption that you should consider a fb group like an interactive email list if you are the owner.

    It's an easy way to interact with your audience (easier than a regular email list) and build trust.

    So yeah it's definately something to consider for your business. Except if your purpose is to spam your own group, which is simply annoying for every group member.

    My conclusion: use it as a(n extra) medium to connect with your audience.
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    in facebook people can be more active since many people use facebook all the time and have it on their phone too
    but you cannot sell a facebook
    you can sell a forum or domain...


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    Most of the groups on Facebook that I have seen still end up looking like spam groups, especially the ones that allow any type of advertising. And, the rest are heavily moderated. I would prefer to be part of a Facebook group that only allows selective advertising, such as one day a week, where you can list your signature line/ad in one specific post (not with everyone starting a new Facebook thread in the group).

    That idea works. Just saying, if you are starting a Facebook group, that is one way to have the best of everything, as the owner, being able to promote your own stuff the rest of the week and letting everyone have that one day to spam up that one thread (such as on Fridays). As for whether or not any of those groups produce any results, such as for SEO, internet marketing related products is questionable.

    I think Facebook groups might be better for a more niche group. Then again, those niche groups such as for beauty/romance/weight loss, won't allow for any type of advertising.

    In the end, I would opt for a niche internet marketing or business related forum as it's a place to network; meet and greet with like minds and also drive leads to a page. This last opt is my choice, the best one and one that I think most of us make.
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