Are you a hedgehog or a rhino?

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Are you a hedgehog or a rhino?

Relationship experts often talk about two personality types. If you're a hedgehog, you keep your feelings bottled up. You dislike conflict.

If you're a rhino, on the other hand, you wear your heart on your sleeve and you charge into arguments head down, horn-first.

This post is not about improving your personal relationships. It's about online marketing success.

Because online marketers come in "hedgehog" and "rhino" personalities too. And they BOTH allow their personalities to get in the way of their success.

Hedgehogs seldom, if ever, take action. They struggle with procrastination. They're "students" who never graduate. They're the ones spend all their time learning and reading and watching and attending...but rarely, if ever, get started.

The rhinos, on the other hand, charge forward and implement, implement, implement....but end up losing money and wasting time because they implement the WRONG things.

If I had to choose a personality, I'd choose rhino...because at least they give it a try....but honestly, neither personality is "right". They both have significant shortcomings. And they need the right system to help overcome those shortcomings.

So, which are you?
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