Sales Letters vs Video for ebook types of products

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I have noticed recently that people started to use video on their copy page instead or long traditional sales letter to sell their ebook type of product. It seems to be quite efficient for Bill Crosby's twitter product.

The videos seem much easier to develop then those sales letters.

Do you guys think it would have the same kind of conversion or would they not have the customer as focused?

Has anyone tested it?
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    I have not tested it - but I would not say these videos are easier to do. Because if you are unsure on how well your product will sell, it will show on your face and in your voice. And this display alone will shut your sale down entirely. There are several psychological factors that come into play with videos. I would say its easier to write it than "act it out" - This is why I feel some of the up and coming greats use BOTH.

    great question though. what do other readers think?

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    I dont think that interview style video like Bill Cosby's isnt that hard. You have to plan it for sure, but its a matter of addressing your audience properly and covering all the emotional parts that sales letters do so well.
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    I think both ways are working.

    The video has the power of making things more personal.

    People can see you or hear your voice. Also, I see that younger generation is more visual.

    However the Written WORDS are still Powerful.

    I personally use both ways.

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