Can someone help me brainstorm thi$ idea?(Video Marketing Related)..Youtube,etc

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This morning I got up, brain filled with ideas, and then I decided on ways to make my product better....Well, there is this guy on youtube that loves doing the exercises that I love to do also,(that I have in my fitness ebook) of course....

So I wrote him an email asking him if he would like to team up with me and to be included in my program,etc...I told him that we would work out the finer details later on..

I was just wondering, if this a great idea??

I mean, I've never even had the idea to incorporate videos into my product and here I have a guy that literally has tons on his youtube page with over 20,000 hits already!

So naturally, I had the idea to contact him...I mean, he seems like a nice college dude, and what better way to help him out with that than with a great business proposal right? I mean, he really does seem like a guy that I would love to JV with on this somehow....

My question is, are there any other sites, besides that are really great for showcasing your fitness products/ebooks videos?

And can anyone think of any way for maximum exposure to these supposed videos that we can potentially market?

Thanks you guys!


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