What do you guys think about celebrity-based blogs..Is there money here????

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I've always loved celebrity based blogs and just blogging in general...But , what do you guys think about this particular niche?

I mean, what do you guys think of in terms of profit potential,etc?

I mean, looking at plenty of those sites, there seems to be a ton of advertising on these sites (eg; dlisted.com, tmz.com , perezhilton.com)

Do you guys think that for an IM'er with a lot of free time on his hands and a HUGE interest in this niche can possibly make it in this niche??

THanks guys!

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    As far as I know Perez Hilton has become a millionaire from perezhilton.com .
    He does 5 to 20 short posts per day. Heavy focus on pictures(he draws funny things on them). His domain name is also very catchy.

    Yes, you can make a lot of money in the celeb news niche, but you have to work really hard at it.
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    I think the best way for us to find out is if you will try...Personally I've created a tribute lens for MJ when he died but haven't seen anything out of it except the fulfillment of some sentimental value for me..

    If you really like the celebrities I don't see any reason why you should not create a blog..as for the income I'm not so sure about it..

    Again, the best thing to find out is to create a quick one and send it out there..afterwards share us with the results..


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    As HarrisonJ said, take Perez Hilton as an example of the power for celebrity blogs to make money.

    His blog has even turned Perez himself into a minor celebrity, a point he has monetized very well.

    Marketing Laser Glasses

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    Well I'm gonna get started on this today and will definitely keep you guys posted how it goes, etc!

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