Need some help with some serious snags....

by klwalker 2 replies
I know that we all get stuck now and then when it comes to getting leads or conversions.

Has this happened with anyone lately?

I have been marketing for over a month now and have not generated a SINGLE lead. I have tried my ads on the Conquer Your Niche forum. There are a few clicks but the conversion rates are AWFUL. That's zero conversions.

Has anyone hit a snag like this? I need to know if it's the economy or something that I seriously need to change in my marketing.

What marketing tools can you suggest that offer the best conversion rates?

Please Warriors, I need your help!
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    You shouldn't be looking for a marketing tool that will get you better conversion rates. Marketing is all about strategy. What you need to do is give better incentives or offers that will entice people to click through. In your case leads.

    The latest tools are not going to improve anything if you cannot generate a lead on your own. I know I'm being harsh, but harsh help often works better.
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      I have one lead now. At least it's a start....

      The phone number, however, doesn't work. The message said that the number has been changed or disconnected.

      How ironic....
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