How do I get the best price/fair price for my domain and site?

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i am leaving the IM world and selling all my domains and a full site. I have some really great domain names and one is a three letter with exact matches to highly influential and or popular things. That particular domain has some offers. I don't want to get taken advantage of on the price and based on facts surrounding the top matching search have a feeling that I am being presented a very low ball offer. As for the full site, it's new but has already been very profitable and has an untapped market and niche. So again, want to make sure I get a fair deal selling it.

If you have experience and wisdom in this area would you PM me to discuss? I'd sure appreciate it.

I'm leaving IM to focus entirely on doing what I love, writing poetry and writing a book. So at this point i do need to liquidate everything quickly to survive in the interim but like I said, don't want to be so cavalier about selling these domains and sites that i undervalue them and lose out on a fair deal that may help me float longer while I'm focusing on writing and selling my poetry book, etc.

Thanks in advance! I have loved this community and will miss it but believe that it's most important to do what you love whatever that is.

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    Flipping them on flippa would be the best you could do. Or perhaps advertise on seo forums to see if people may be interested.
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      I don't think Flippa "is the best you can do."

      IMO, the best you can do is find someone that is already in your space and who would like to add your property to his holdings in order to increase his business assets.

      So how do you do that? Go directly to your biggest competitors and see if they would have an interest in adding your site to their business.

      Do searches on your best keywords and find those sites that are already doing well in your niche. No one at Flippa is going to be as targeted a prospect for what you have created than someone who is already doing successful business in your niche.

      The best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    sell the site x10 - x12 u'd make in a month
    that's how it goes


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    I agree with Peter that the expected profit you will get is usually x10 on Flippa.

    However, I do think that you will have higher potential to receive better price when you can negotiate with bigger competitors directly. Email them and tease them if they are interested. Good luck!
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    Years back I switched gears and sold all my domains at the time. Obviously, there were so many low ball offers. It's something that is going to happen, there will always be those who try to take advantage. You just need to expect it, delete them and move on.

    For me, part of it was just waiting till the good offer came in, might even be only one. Also, I did not end up getting as much as I would have liked. Every one will tell you the rule of 6-12 months income, but that's usually so BS.

    The other important aspect was to "sell" the sites and what they are capable of, sell their potential. And of course sell the benefits, age, short domains, maybe easy to remember, keywords, ect. Selling the potential seemed to work best for me.

    Just my experience
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      IMO the best place to sell domains is Sedo. A few years ago I decided to clean out a bunch of domains I no longer used and sold two linked domains (.com and .net) for way more than I expected. The buyer sat on them for more than a year, but he now has a nice website accessed by both.

      Sedo has a great escrow system that protects both the seller and the purchaser.
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    Hi John,

    I suggest flippa, I understand that you can sell your site (12 to 25) * your earnings from the site per month. Try it!
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