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PAINFULLYFIT is in need of its new 2015 Logo Design and we were thinking of starting a logo design contest but we have many companies to sort through. Have any of you ever used a logo design company that offers design contests? Your thoughts please on this?

Thanks in advance,

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    Hey Lance,

    I used in the past and they have really talented people there.

    Definitely worth checking out!

    Take care

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    Don't run a logo design contest, it undervalues the craft of the designer. Just find a company/designer who's in your price range and has a portfolio of logos that reflects what you're looking for.

    Seriously, would you ask a bunch of web designers to build you a website and then you just pick and choose which one gets paid?
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    My business does design and would NEVER enter a contest like the one you are suggesting.

    The reason is simply because we are in business to make money and believe in what we do.

    My question to you would be why are thinking of doing a competition is it

    a) To get lots of ideas - if so I doubt any decent quality designer is going to create ideas and put them out there knowing they might not get paid

    b) Is it to save money - if so just go to Fiverr there are plenty of guys banging out logos all day long for $5 bucks

    Remember however a logo should form part of your branding pack and is not in itself your branding.

    Good branding encompasses much more, tells a story, communicates values and helps your customers connect to you.

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    Agree with Alex! have talented people. Check it out
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  • and 99designs free tasks are awesome
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    Lots of things to think about here. Great feedback... Much Appreciated!

    Thanks, Lance
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    If you are thinking about new logo, there is no need to tell about how it's important. In fact you have a lot of variants of getting logo design and each has own pros and cons. For example, working with a single designer or studio is often more expensive. When you get several different logo options from the same designer or agency, they often have the same theme or feel with only slight variations.

    My friend (Helen) had a positive experience with crowdsourcing design. She needed a logo for photography studio and decided to try design contest. Helen was searching few days for a good site and in result she chose And she was very pleased with the outcome. She received nearly 45 designs. Amateur's works did happen But a large half of logos were really professional. So she was enjoyed and now has three different logos

    So if you didn't try - you will never know what is appropriate to your business needs
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