New Sharendipity - devlp your own gaming software, awesome!

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Anyone tried Sharendipity yet? Just read about it in our Columbus Dispatch and it sounds great. The article has a 5th grader who has published 12 games. No need to be a tech geek or anything. Plus the software interacts with Facebook.

Sounds neat. OK, so being the internet marketer that I am, I HAD to check out this page:

Monetize are they saying you can sell what you create? Or that will be a feature down the road and we need to wait....

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    Very cool link - already getting ideas on a game to add to my facebook page. Thanks for the post!
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    It's an interesting idea, but difficult to do well. Took a look -- seems they've done a 'so-so' job.

    But -- by allowing people to customize premade games, not a bad idea I suppose.
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    Thanks for checking out the site. I just wanted to clarify the statement about monetization. This is a feature that is currently in progress, but yes, you will eventually be able to sell anything you create in Sharendipity, from images or sounds to actions, behaviors, objects, and full applications.

    @Johnathan you're right that this is a really difficult problem to solve, which is why we've taken a lot of time to address the way that content is reused in sharendipity. This will allow users the opportunity to get into development without having to create all of the logic themselves.

    We also took a tiered approach in providing customizable games as well as a blank canvas editor so that anyone can get involved. In addition to sharing out the things that you create, it's also possible for anyone to create a template that other users can customize, they don't need to be made by us. We hope that this combination will provide many more people the opportunity to develop games and multimedia applications.

    If anyone checks it out and needs some help or has a question or comment, feel free to let me know, either here or through a private message. We're always available to help.
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