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I threw up a few sites at the start of November and have had some success with the Amazon affiliate programme. Obviously my sales were due to the holiday season and I know that orders will fall sharply during January.

That said, I am currently working on an authority site as well as another site. For the authority site I am already ranking on the first and second pages of Google for some of my keywords (below the fold on the first page).

In your opinion should I just focus on building the site during January and forget about traffic or should I continue as I have been doing and spend about 25% of my time building the site and the other 75% of the time generating traffic?
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    I believe you didnĀ“t post enough info to answer that question. As long as you get traffic and the site is right, you will get sales. If you feel like building that other site of yours, go for it.
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    It's important to keep on promoting your site, whether that is through the use of social media or through SEO. So the 25% working on the site, and 75% working on promotion sounds about right.
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    I advise you to NOT rely on SEO for your traffic.

    I made that mistake and paid dearly for it (lost more than 70% of revenue I was getting from SEO traffic through my blogs being on the first page of Go0gle).

    I would advise you to start learning other ways to get traffic, including, but not limited to :

    Social Media
    Building a list(s) for your Amazon niches and promote related products to your subscribers.
    Offline Advertising (old school, I know, but it still works if done correctly).
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    Focus on driving traffic to your sites via ppc. Make sure to buikd a list and sell your own info products as well as other products to that list. Test and tweak your sales funnel u til you have a winner then scale your traffic with media buys etc.


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    Thanks for your replies guys.

    I checked last night and two of my keywords are now ranking at #2 on Google but they are the first review site. So I am totally happy with that.

    I am not focusing on SEO for traffic per se. Rather I just write what I need to give the customers the best available information in one place. This way I will automatically write certain phrases that people are looking for.

    Unfortunately my main traffic method is social media which is not truly targeted but I do get anywhere between 40-100 clicks per day which is enough for me to see that this works. therefore I am scaling up with the authority site (which seems fairly easy to rank in my niche).

    I will also start building a list and continue on getting traffic though in January I might split the traffic generation - site building 50/50 so that I can rank other keywords faster.

    Looking forward to 2015!

    Lovin' Life!

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