Clickbak Publishers: How to make more affiliates

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Dear Clickbank Publisher

I have a wish for you guys. A lot of you are good in helping us with marketing materials like banners and articles. You also get ebook cover photos and emails.

What I have yet to see is illustration photos.

If you are in the how to put better (golf) niche, give us a 50-100 nice photos of people on the golf course. If you are selling a diet book, have some pictures of peole running, working out, being healthy, before and after photoes etc.

With all the bloggers, and web 2.0 marketers working on Squidoo and similar sites, I think you would help us out a lot making nice looking posts, and sites by providing a bunch of illustration photos.

It is important that the number of pictures is large enough not to make them over saturated. You can probably hire your pothography friend from high school for this job.

The photos must also be royalty free as long as we link to your page, or a page promoting your page.

I personally believe that this must help increase both the number of affiliates (since it is much more fun to make nice looking things) and more sales (as the promoting pages are good looking and colorfull) and more eager affiliates (as we make more sales)

Mister Munch
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