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Personally, I'm tired of online article distribution. I'm not putting down the value of it. It's just that the competition is fierce.

3 month I tried different approach. I sent specialty articles to 25 offline magazine publishers. The result wasn't great. Just 8 publishers accepted it. However, I got slightly over 200 newsletter readers and crazy potential buyers. They signed for further communications both online and offline. They virtually tracked me down... office phone number.

Here's the interesting part.

2 weeks ago I announced that I wanted to end offline newsletter distribution because the mail cost was eating up my money fast. My readers responded by wanting to pay for the cost willingly.

I find this intriguing. It's hard to ask for money online. Sometimes it's very frustrating because they're hard to please. But forks offline are just willing to pay for anything if you please them just good enough.

Has anyone experienced offline article distribution? I need feedback. Thanks.

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