In desperate need, please help me.

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Good day to all good Samaritans,

My name is Nicholas, I'm very new in this field. Tried before but failed.
I'm currently in desperate need of some financial help. I might be going into bankruptcy soon due to unavoidable circumstances in closure of my business locally.
I really hope there is someone in this forum is kind enough to mentor me more into this field of making some money only. I'm very serious and willing to learn. I do hope People don't ask me to buy any products here, because I have done a little research that there are many ppl will just sell u anything to just get commission but the products might not work or have been outdated.

I once again hope there is someone who is kind enough to guide me some steps into success. I'll be very very grateful..

Currently I find much interest in CPA.. But need a little guidance to kickstart.


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