What exactly does Infusionsoft do? Why should I be using it?

by jonb
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I keep hearing about the brilliance of Infusionsoft, but I admit that I'm not quite sure what it does or why I need it.

I currently use Getresponse for my Autoresponder and 1Shoppingcart for ecommerce, affiliate program and upsells.

What parts of these would Infusionsoft replace, and would it do it much better than what I have?

Any Infusionsoft fans out there who would like to educate me and win me over to their side?

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    My team use it with some of our clients ... here are my thoughts

    1) It is a BEAST
    2) It is not for beginners
    3) Infusion Soft is an amazing piece of kit for more advanced marketers with multiple sales funnels and campaigns.
    4) It is great for team based work
    5) A BIG benefit is automatic and decision based marketing
    6) The campaign planning interface is drag and drop
    7) Possibly too many features for the average marketer

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      Thanks Bernard. One reason I'm looking at it is that I'm getting serious about funnels, upsells, tripwires, etc. I assume it's optimized for that sort of thing?


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        I use Infusionsoft in 7 of my own companies and one of my Companies has implemented Infusionsoft for over 400 businesses.

        It is a really powerful tool for Sales Automation. You will not need to use different tools for email marketing, Shopping Cart and Affiliate Management.

        Also great to setup tripwires and automatic upsell campaigns. You can design campaigns and make sure that your prospects and customers get nurtured till they buy from you and refer you.

        In case you want a see a personal demo, email me at ashwin@equinoxlcm.com

        Hope I can help you,


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