Choosing a domain name for various opt-in forms

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Im wondering how to choose a domain name for various opt-in forms?

I have a niche sites with its own opt-in forms, but what about if I want to make a various landing pages on a single domain for multiple campaigns, what type of domain name and domain ending work best?

I guess I needs to be trustful domain name, or it doesn't matter?
Whats your experience?
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    I am not sure why there would be an advantage to setting up a domain just for optin forms. Where would your traffic be coming from?

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear, but I actually meant different squeeze pages.
    The traffic would come from PPC or PPV / Paid traffic
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      You could do that depending on what content is on your squeeze pages and what platform you are buying ads on. Some PPC providers are sticklers on having content on your squeeze page and a site to back it up with related content on it before they will approve your ad to run.

      I might be missing something but I am still not sure what the advantage would be to have a landing page only site rather than landing pages on your sites with content.

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    I think it's better to get just one domain name and install all your opt in forms on subdomains.

    If it's just an opt in form then i don't feel you need to get a new domain for each squeeze page, it won't hurt your conversions.
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    Are your optin forms/squeeze pages for various niches or for ust one niche? If it's for unique niches, such as for a variety of lists such as pets, health, beauty, marketing etc, then you will want unique names or sites for each one.

    You might include some type of catchy or memorable word in each domain such as 'knowmore' as in 'know more'. The word wiki is memorable but over used.
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