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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing a lot of research into internet marketing and am embarking on building my online empire. I would really appreciate a critique of my approach:

1. I have bought a domain which I will use to host landing pages, I have already used wordpress to develop it in a blog format and have adverts listed
2. I plan to register with clickbank and promote products using the following methods:
a. write articles and submit them to article banks with a link to my landing/sales page (will also be listed on main domain site as archive/content)
b. use adwords to link to my landing pages using words that cost 0.08 - 0.15
c. offer a incentive product to build a subscriber list and answer question on particular subject matter in a newsletter with adverts inline

- my initial thoughts was to use PPC exclusively off my own site using articles (blog posts) to drive traffic but I feel I would not be able to make sufficient capital to support myself
- I also plan to break into youtube and RSS as I build competency and comfort with the above

My Situation:
- I have taken off work until Jan and am looking to make this my full time gig
- I am reading through the best warrior posts and would appreciate any advice or FREE resources you would recommend

Thank you everyone, I look forward to being able to contribute here as I progress.

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    Your outline all looks fine and dandy. A lot of your success will depend on the niche you are promoting.

    With a PPC click budget so low you'll need a low competition niche in order to get substantial traffic. Also make sure you are targeting a hungry market by using the Free Wordtracker tool (just do a search for it). Your keywords need to have 100 or more searches to be viable IMO.
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      I'm not sure I read this right, but if I did you should make your squeeze page your index page and not your blog. Your real goal is to get their contact info. If the blog draws traffic that redirects to your squeeze page great, but if someone is coming directly to your site you want them to join the mailing list and then get all your free content.

      Also if your blog is good you can use that as your incentive product. Then you don't have to create anything else. This is what **** **** (name deleted to protect I guess. Let's just call him a super affiliate) does. You can access pretty much everything he puts up for free and it's almost all indexed by Google, but his main pages are always squeeze pages saying that you need to join his mailing list to access the blog.
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      thanks Jpaston, I will definitely use the tool.

      great idea giveusallfreedom, i will definitely do that.

      keep em coming guys this is great. if anyone has a better approach for someone breaking into IM I would love to hear it.
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