Which Shopping Cart For Limited Items?

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I'm selling physical products (niche clothing and accessories) in a local niche and the products are either limited in design or quantity sometimes only 1 per design or even 1 quantity per size.

Which shopping cart would allow me to upload the items based on inventory on a daily or weekly basis and once items are SOLD OUT either remove the item from the listing or auto-place a SOLD OUT caption?

Even better if it can say load maximum of say 20 items at any one time and queue the rest and when something is SOLD, replace the SOLD item with a new item that have been queued.

Kind of complex but is there anything that comes remotely close?

eCommerce experts - share your views please.

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    Hey Fendi...

    Our shopping cart can help you out here. When you create products we allow you to specify the quantity that you wish to make available. Once this quantity reaches 0 customers will get an out of stock message once they hit the shopping cart. Unfortunately at this time there isn't a way to relay back to your product page on your site that the specific item is out of stock.

    We do have some changes coming that might make this possible however I don't have any further details at this time.

    If you have any questions feel free to get in touch
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    Hi Fendi,

    Nanacast.com has this feature. You can set your limit and then when the limit is reached you can set a url to redirect the client to.

    A couple strategies to use with our features are

    1. Redirect them to an optin page where they can optin to an email list that will notify they when more stock is available.

    2. Redirect them to an alternative product page or related affiliate product.

    You can then login and update the quantity available when new stock is in.

    We do not yet have the features you describe to set daily or weekly limits instead we just use one stock limit that you can update to make more available at any time when your stock comes in.

    However we might consider adding daily or weekly limits if they were needed in addition to our current stock availability control.

    One warrior uses this feature to automate limited orders for graphic design projects.
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    Hi Fendi,

    did you find anything?
    I am also looking for a shopping cart for around 100 products.
    But there are so many...

    What did you get so far?

    Best regards,
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