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Hi everyone, as a newbie I find all the information hard to take in and implement time wise, how long do you guys spend working on and promoting your sites? as I have a full time job my time is limited, any advice?
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    This is the question isn't it

    Take a good hard look at what you do every day. If you have to put together a quick three or four day productivity calendar where you write down all of the things you do each day.

    Now take out all the things that you don't absolutely NEED to have in your day. You need a specific number of hours of sleep but you don't need television. You need to go to your boy's baseball game but you can copy off an ebook or bring Revenue Magazine with you.

    It's difficult to cut things out of your life that you may enjoy - dinner with friends, relaxing, or hanging out with the kids. Make everything you do productive and then calendar in time for your brain to shut down.

    I have four children that I home school. I have found over trial and error that I need about 7 hours of sleep a night to function well and 8 to make my brain fly. The more sleep I get the more productive I am in the least amount of time.

    I don't forgo exercise, instead I work it into the day. I get more done between 7 pm and 11pm than during the day because of the time needed with the children. I multi-task, taking the computer, pads of paper or magazine to appointments.

    I keep a tape recorder in my purse so when an idea strikes I'm not trying to write something and drive at the same time

    I make sure that I calendar time in with my children that doesn't involve school. They know not to interrupt me during certain hours of the day but at other times I drop everything to listen to their problems.

    It's a balancing act and at NO TIME are all the plates spinning together. Something's falling down and sometimes you just have to ignore it if it's not a priority at that time.
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      Heya Gail

      what a brilliant post..

      congrats on getting so organised , especially with 4 home school kids.. You are truly an amazing mum..

      Weve got 2 lovely girls and they are just great.. but even 2 great kids take up so much time.


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