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I want to create a product that I can sell on a blog. But how can I choose which stuff to put on my blog for free, and which info I want to put in my product? How much valuable info should overlap between the blog and ebook? How can my product be valuable if I already give my information out for free?

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    For free only so much to show that you know what you're talking about. Then make them want more and sell your product. Look how much your competition gives for free and then you maybe give a little more.
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      People make books out of their blog posts all the time - and sell them. What you are selling then is convenience. Of course, you need to provide quality information to start with.

      If you are doing this from a marketing mindset, you will probably have most of the posts on your site, what to do, with some how to, but your book will be how to.

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    This one falls into the "it depends" category, I think. If you have a lot of great free information on your site, then people will learn to trust you as an expert. They will also feel like they have a relationship with you and that they owe you something, so they're more likely to pay for an ebook.

    If you have enough free information built up in a blog-like format, it's likely to be somewhat confusing to navigate and just taking that info and streamlining it and "spoon-feeding" it to the reader in a very easy format that's all in one place may be all you need.

    Pat Flynn made lots of money on an ebook about studying for the LEED exam with very little new content because he organized and presented it better. Likewise, the 31 days to build a better blog book from problogger basically just repackaged existing data and took off huge.

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    Yes that's not an easy thing to determine, it's hard enough to come up with blog posts ideas let alone creating an ebook on top of that.

    That being said, i think you just need to think of 1 specific problem in your niche, and ellaborate on that as much as you can, much more than when you would write a regular blog post.

    It'snot easy but it's definately possible.

    Good luck!
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    You might look into public domain content as this could be put into an ebook. You might want to freshen up the content to make whatever it is more relevant for a modern audience. Especially important considering how most public domain content was written a hundred years ago.
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    You could beef up on your information by adding information from:
    (1) Reference sites – Check out the varied set of top 15 lists that the Ebizma website has. It gives you the top 15 sites in various categories.

    (2) Supplement your info with Public Domain Material especially if it comes from a Public Domain magazine as those are not as overdone. You could also offer them as free bonuses.

    (3) After you get the top websites in that niche find even more using Google’s advanced search techniques by typing in the search term “related:websitename [dot] com” without the quotation marks or brackets.

    (4) Look for innovators or pioneers in your field and get more ideas about your topic. Do a search like “niche name “ + “pioneer”. If possible look up the theme on Wikipedia which will usually throw some light on the pioneers and give a website or two.

    You could then beef up on your packaging by changing the format of your ebook:
    (1) Package it as software. There are at least two Warriors on here that sell products where you can create software without knowing programming. You can create an info product but in software form (dashboard format or database format).

    (2) Package it as a mobile app. Look up Youtube videos by Amish Shah and Chad Mureta.

    "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened." (Winston Churchill)

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