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Does anyone know what the protocol is for article frequency?

Does google penalize you if you post 20 articles in a week when you normally post 5? (for example)
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    I dont believe they do i generally post 5 a day (25 a week) but when im on holiday i wont post any. Just like when i launch a new product i will post 30 in one day. as long as they are of quality there is no reason why it would affect your google stats.

    kind regards

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    I agree with dsmpublishing- if you post original and quality content, there's no reason why Google should penalize your articles.

    Even if you can't post articles in bulk daily, it's important that you be consistent in your article marketing efforts.

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    Thanks for your input. I am trying to find out if google spiders somehow 'see' whether or not a website is obtaining articles either through spinning or another method.

    During the school year, I write a few articles a week. Now that I have the summer off, I am able to write a few a day.

    That's why I was inquiring.
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