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Here are some of my domain war stories - I'm sure other people have some good ones too.

- I got an offer of $70k for webtraffic.com from a French outfit. I turned it down and later sold it for $20k.

- I let NetBet.com go - couldn't figure out a use for it. Doh!

- I sold NetBusiness.com for $20k to the guy with the 'Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" company. He sold it a month later to Netscape. Not sure for how much - I heard $100k.

- I sold WebStreetJournal.com for $5k after the lawyer said 'Forget it. The WSJ will come after you big time if you try to use it.'

- I gave NetVet.com to my pal with a cat-sitting gig. He sold it to a vet in Kansas 6 months later for $10k.

And the one I can't figure out - ArchiveVault.com . I love that domain but practically couldn't give it away. I sold it for $900. BTW - the site is still up & for sale - see it at Welcome to ArchiveVault.com

Life in the Wild West - ain't it great? Sure wish I had a crystal ball! lol
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