Elements of a Viral Ebook report ? Tips please

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I just finished an ebook report I will be giving out for free to help build my list. It's going to be about all the trends that people in my niche should be concerned about in the new year. The goal would to be for it to go viral, but what are some things I should consider to help this ebook build trust and go viral/spread?
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    You want your ebook to have one core idea.

    Because, if you have each of the trends validating one core idea that solves your markets problem, they will listen...and spread the word.

    Preferably, your core idea has a unique proprietary -- to you -- framework so you become the only solution to their problem.

    For instance, I used to teach, coach and mastermind marketing tactics, systems, etc.

    Now, I only do done-for-you services.


    Because you can learn all the general concepts of marketing in less than a week, but to market profitably, everyone has to go through a learning curve (a steep learning curve).

    It takes some people months, some years, some decades...and some, never ever get it. As a teacher, I couldn't stomach the pain of watching my students go through the process I struggled through - so now, I just do it all for them.

    My core idea is that the average person doesn't have the time, energy or resources to invest months, if not years...doing what I can do for them...in less than 21-days.

    Yes, they can keep buying more products with contradictory information that teaches the what, but not the how.

    Yes, they can hire high end coaches $1,000.00+/month to hold their hand through their learning curve...if they have the financial resources to do so.

    Yes, they can keep stealing time away from their family so they can spend every waking moment learning this marketing stuff so they can live the dream.

    Yes, they can do all these things. And some will. Unfortunately, most will quit before the miracle happens because the discernment required to do what professional marketers do, takes time (a lot of time), takes money (a lot of money) and takes resilience (a lot of staying power to push through the failures -- over and over and over again).

    See how I did that? I took 3 pains of my market and directed all those pains into my core idea.

    They'd be better off -- much better off -- letting me do the heavy lifting for them instead of trying to do it themselves losing time, money, energy... and most likely never getting the success they're looking for.

    If you can take your trends and focus them into one core idea that impacts your market, you won't have to worry about manufacturing a viral ebook because when you develop the right core idea, the natural consequence is a message that spreads virally;-)

    Hope that helps,
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    • Content quality: no typos, well written. Native-English speaker level of grammar. Avoid passive voice.

    • Lots of relevant images.

    Other than that, it's hard to answer your question without knowing your niche. How to use social media effectively isn't something that someone can communicate in a single forum post.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    One way to make your ebook to go viral is offer an incentive for people to make it go viral.
    1. Affiliate program with 75% to 100% commissions with a product $27.00 or higher
    2. Make it easy to pass along to others. 'If you love this report share it with a friend"
    3. Avoid long paragraphs and sentences. Eliminate any flowery words that really don't need to be in the report to make it flow smoothly.
    Twitter has a tool called pay with a tweet. Try that and watch your twitter followers grow.
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