First Time Flippa Seller !!

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I am selling my website on Flippa, guys can anybody suggest me how get the best price for my website.

Thank You in Advance for your time.
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    make sure you post income and google one will look at your site without traffic proof.
    i just sold my site for $1400 because it was on first page of google for a main keyowrd. but the keyword had very low search volume.
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    I have never used Flippa but when I did research on the subject a long time ago I found these pointers. If you just have a website that isn't making any cash the website will basically only be worth what you paid for the domain name. If the website is making money, then you take what it generates in one year and multiply that by 3 to get the value of the website.

    Not sure if this is still how it is though.
    If you do classified advertising
    You need a Delayed Autoreply Service
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    I'm a super seller with over $250k in sales. Here's my top 3 pointers.

    Give lots of good info and be honest about why you are selling.

    Be prepared to deal with jerks. Lots of them.

    Don't expect your auction to do well until the last hour.
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      If you sell websites with no traffic and revenue set the Bin offer at $197

      You need to stand out with a lot of good info.

      You need to to great Bin offers so they can´t possibly say no to your offer.

      You can make 1K+ a week with this method and that is not bad for a few hours work on each site...

      I made my first money online via Flippa.

      Hope this helps a bit...Yes you´ll meet some jerks on Flippa once in awhile... got some death threads a year ago because i did not deliver the site 2 hours after the auction ended... but mostly nice people you can deal with :-)
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