do you always make your freelancers sign a NDA?

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for writing on top of keywords or anything for that matter.
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    I used to be a straight up freelance writer and I never had to sign an NDA. Maybe I didn't work on enough high-profile gigs, but I would never have been apposed to it.

    Best to play it safe, just in case.

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    I ask everyone I work with to sign an NDA - clients and suppliers. In my opinion, it should be standard practice.
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    I have never signed one but I wouldn't object.

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    As someone mentioned, it should be standard practice for high-level work. If the work can be shared and lead to saturation or obsolescence, then use an NDA.


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    I doubt you could stop a writer from targeting your chosen keywords even if they signed an NDA. How would you possibly know it was the same person writing about those keywords on another site under an assumed name? Most writers would just use a pen name anyway.
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      A NDA?
      For keywords?
      You do understand what a NDA is for and why it is used right? Keywords and publicly released articles and publicly distributed info are not. The very act of publicly releasing a article voids the NDA.

      NDA's were meant to be done when trade secrets are involved. When manufacturing or process secrets must be protected from competitors that you have no intention on making public.

      Your state may also have limits on a NDA as far as duration. Don't even waste your time with one between two parties from different countries.

      For the most part I see people in IM using NDA's to make their business model to appear important or for them to feel like they have some secret aspect to their business. I have been a part of a couple of NDAs in IM that were done properly for the right reasons. Most are not.
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    Just use your common sense - a standard NDA will work fine in most cases.
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    I only worry with an NDA if I am concerned with any intellectual property or software development. Most of the time it is not needed.
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    The thing about an NDA is it is only worth the amount of money you have to spend to enforce it.

    If the person you are having sign it lives in another country, can you afford to bring suit against them in their country?

    If the person lives in the same country, can you afford the costs of the court system and lawyers to enforce it?

    Keep in mind that you need to sue the other party if they break the agreement. You can't just go file a police report since it is not a police matter.

    So the majority of times NDAs are not enforceable simply because the issuing party can't afford the very high cost of enforcing it.

    Rob Whisonant
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    I'm really not sure why you would be worried enough about your writer knowing your keywords to consider this.

    Most writers don't care about your keywords, they just care about getting the article written and getting paid. They've forgotten about your keywords by the time they've moved on to the next article.
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    I would have invented Google and Microsoft if I was born earlier.

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