What do you all use to keep track.....

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So I know that writing pw and username and important stuff on a note book is obsolete because in worse case scenario, you might loose all your important information, at once. I was wondering if any of you use any program on IOS, Window to keep secure information (incase you forget) to store information and notes. Because, IM is very complex and I'm pretty sure that all of you have multiple username/pw/and site to remember but tends to forget.

Anyway, I am tired of writing every username and pw and information on my note book and some of these I will have to cross out in case they get deleted.

I was wondering if there is any software available to store important information.

Also, which email website is safe and secure for long term use?

I have been using gmail for the past couple of years and will be switching away, soon (I don't know how to migrate important email from gmail, though)

Also, I'm thinking about getting external hard drive for my macbook since I will be moving quite a lot in the coming years and I don't own personal desk top computer.

Given with my situation, what is the best advice/tip you guys/gal can give me from your experience.

Your helps are very much appreciative.

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