How do i get more leads?

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Hello everyone i recently joined an advertising program and traffic exchange site can anybody tell me how to get more leads to that site ie referals?
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    It depends on what niche you are in. If its the IM niche solo ads have worked for me in the past

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    What exactly you are looking for in terms of leads ? if you can tell more, may be I can help you
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    What are you marketing?

    Your answer would dictate my response. Different solutions for different problems.
    I'd be happy to put my two cents in once I know the details of your plan.
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    We'll need more information here.

    If we're talking affiliate marketing, you have 2 general options: paid and free traffic sources. There are literally hundreds of different affiliate marketing systems to generate traffic with both, so it depends on your knowledge, abilities, and capital.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    In order to get more leads, you need more traffic. In order to get more traffic you must earn it with your time, or you must earn it with your money. If you decide to earn it with your time, find out where there are highly popular forums within your niche and become active within the community by providing value to the other members. You can also blog and create articles with keywords targeting your particular niche. You can also guest blog on someone else's site that already has authority and gain traffic from it. You can also post informative videos on YouTube and embed them on several sites to gain traffic. If you prefer paid traffic there is : Solo Ads, Facebook PPC, Banner Ads and ton of other methods. As you can see their is no shortage on traffic. All it takes is some effort and if you have, some money. How you monetize that traffic is what counts, always build your list no matter what and be consistent.
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    Tons of things oyu can do to bring in more traffic. When that traffic comes in, you really have to optimize it to get better results. Test different things and see what works vs what doesnt
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    Before you can truly start generating leads you will need a convincing headline on a strategically assembled lead capture page. That should entail some information your prospect perceives to be valuable and offer it free. Then you should work on generating massive traffic to it so that you can test to see how much traffic from that source yields the amount of leads you're comfortable with. Then start testing a new source of traffic. Rinse and repeat.
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    Don't know about the niche but you can try YouTube,Social Media and if allowed then Classified traffic/lead.
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  • Andy,

    Test the following steps to get quality leads:

    STEP 01. Create an opt-in offer that's attention-grabbing, enticing and compelling specifically for your target audience -- Something that they want so bad they'd fill out a short form to get it. This can be a software product, a comprehensive instructional material with supplemental video, a compilation of instructional videos, a compilation of manuals, a compilation of apps, a compilation of discount coupons / vouchers, a photo compilation of your dog in his best swimwear, etc.;

    STEP 02. Create a professionally designed landing page with an attention-grabbing, enticing and compelling copy for your opt-in offer -- Something so good it'd be a no-brainer for your target audience to fill out your opt-in form to get your opt-in offer (that's right after they drool over the benefits of your opt-in offer);

    STEP 03. Create professionally designed advertising materials (text copy, images, brief videos and email copy) for your opt-in offer -- Something so witty, so attention-grabbing, so memorable, so enticing and so compelling it'd be painful for your target audience to not click through, not fill out your opt-in form, not get your opt-in offer, not to remember and not to talk about your ad materials in their social networks and in their sleep;

    STEP 04. Use your ad materials to advertise your opt-in offer in the top CPA / PPD networks that specialize in your niche, via Google Adwords Search and Display PPC ads, via Bing Search and Display PPC ads, via Facebook post boost, right-column and news feed PPC / PPM ads, via Youtube ads, via LinkedIn ads, via Twitter ads, via email broadcasts to mailing lists of reputable list brokers that specialize in your niche, via private ad banner placements in heavily trafficked niche-related sites / blogs / Web forums / Facebook fan pages / Facebook groups, via PR advert distribution outlets, via guest posting and content syndication arrangements in niche-relevant blogs / sites, etc.; and

    STEP 05. Track your results. Use this data to improve your promotional campaigns, to focus on the campaigns that provide you with the best results in terms of RoI, to drop campaigns that are just costing you more money than returns and to identify new campaigns that'd potentially give you good results...
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    If you can do to bring more traffic, when that traffic comes in, you really have to optimize it to get better results. And with good social media optimization you can get more leads.

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    Post your advertise on some free classified sites
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    You can use so coled "free" traffic or paid traffic......
    For generating free traffic you need lot of time and some knowledge... If you need more informations I suggest you to google it.....

    If you need traffic fast and want to scale it then I only recommend paid traffic.
    Here you also have more options from solo ads, face-book ads, PPV traffic, banes....
    I suggest you to master one tipe of traffic at once....
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    The cheapest way to get more visitors to your offer, and therefore more people on your list is to put yourself in their way, go where they go, be where they are. Blogs, forums, classifieds - anywhere people in your niche visit.

    A bad hunter chases. A good hunter waits.


    Steven Lucas
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    Solo ads, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are a couple of good ones.
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    Solo ads, Youtube, Reddit, and Facebook
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    By getting traffic. Either paid traffic or Free traffic. Paid is of course more responsive targeted traffic, but if you're on a budget using Free traffic is your best bet.
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    Post your Ads on Free classified site and create maximum back link for getting more traffic.

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      Originally Posted by ScratchRemover View Post

      I use trafficus, which ain't to bad nor to expensive
      It's better than attacking the sides of people's cars with your keys, anyway ...
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    To do any kind of Internet marketing venture, you need three or four things. If you’re trying to get traffic generated to your website or business you need to have a plan of action that gets results:

    #1 You need to find and research a niche. There are a ton of ways to do this, so, before you actually research one, you need to use a method that will work for you. Just one of the methods that I like to use, is to go to a site like Amazon or eBay and find out what’s popular and being read. Amazon has a bestseller list, a book rating list, a recommendation list, and best of all… a comments section. I like topics/books that have a lot of comments on them because I know people are passionate about the subject if they have taken the time to write about them. I also like Amazon a bunch because you can drill down by going through book categories. So using Amazon and eBay to find out hot areas and items is great.

    The reason for a niche (especially one you’re passionate about) is because it will give you focus on one area, make it easier to write content for and you can narrow down the types of services or products that you are trying to sell.

    #2 After you get a niche established, you’ll need to decide how you want to generate your traffic. You can create a website, blog or any other aggregate where your content will reside. The key issue here is using high quality content to get your traffic. Of course you need to do some long-tail keyword research to see which terms in your selected niche will work, as well. Overall, you need to write great, high quality information related to your business. Of course there are many places that you can create this content on the Web and post it. There are loads of other strategies that you can use to get traffic, but they will cost you quite a bit of money.

    #3 Once you have a group of people coming to your site, you need to have a method of selling to them using words. Writing copy for a sales message isn’t easy and requires time to learn. However, you need it to convert visitors into sales or at least to get people to sign up to your your mailing list. This requires a sales message that is compelling.

    #4 You need a LONG-TERM view of Internet marketing to make it work. Internet marketing is a tough method of building a business that requires patience, endurance and commitment. You’ve got to be persistent over the long haul and stick with it.

    I hope this helps!

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  • Here's my two cents on traffic. Even if you get a lot of traffic it doesn't mean that your business will flourish. You need traffic that has people who are actually interested in your product and like to spend money on similar products. Targeting smaller groups is always better than massive groups when it comes to PPC. Get specific. Get results.
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    Originally Posted by Andy301b View Post

    Hello everyone i recently joined an advertising program and traffic exchange site can anybody tell me how to get more leads to that site ie referals?
    Getting involved in a traffic exchange site will definitely not help you to get more leads. If you want to get organic traffic to your site then I suggest that you invest your time increasing your organic search. How? Content marketing.
    Create high quality content and diversify it. The strategies are up to you.

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    can anybody tell me how to get more leads to that site ie referals?
    It's definitely not promoting your affiliate link in your WF sig.
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    What do you want leads for?

    Decide on why and then you know who to go after.

    After you know who it can be as easy as outlined above my Marx ELMO by sending paid traffic.

    Do some keyword research that = who you are looking for that is interested in what you want them for.

    You do not have to have the next best thing to gain a loyal following.

    I am NOT an expert or a GURU, but I earn a steady income every month
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    Paid advertisement like Google Adwords, FB Ads, Youtube and Twitter will get you more leads.
    Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    Europe & USA by
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    It depend your niche. The one trick to get more lead is get more traffic.
    increase traffic = increase lead
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    Originally Posted by Andy301b View Post

    Hello everyone i recently joined an advertising program and traffic exchange site can anybody tell me how to get more leads to that site ie referals?
    Hi Andy!

    Before you spend any dime for advertising make sure that you prepare the following:
    First: Selecting your super niche.
    2nd: Creating a good optin/squeeze page to capture your target prospects/customers
    3rd: Setting up your email marketing campaign
    4th: Prepare your sequence of email this is where you can include your sales page or anything that you want to promote or sell to your list.
    5th: Promote, promote, promote...

    Hope this help!
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    Without using PPC, the best and fast methos to get targetted traffic, you must:

    - Be social: use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, youtube.... also instagram)

    - do Blogging: write article and connect with social networks

    - write article throught forums and blogs

    of course use an autoresponder and a LP to improve convertions!

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    Get off the traffic exchange site. What "advertising platform" did you join? Is it PPC, solo ads, website advertising, email marketing, buying bulk leads? Give us more details. Traffic is easy. You're doing the right thing by starting off with paid advertising. But is your advertising targeted? That could be a big issue.
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