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Got a question for everyone... after doing some greyhat marketing over the past few years I'm tired of chasing my butt doing the newest trick for quick cash and want to build up a reliable source of income even if it takes awhile.

I purchased Azsno's video series on building ebay type blog sites... and my question is mainly what do most of you consider essential wordpress plugins that are must needs for building blog sites.

I know Azsno has a list of plugins he shows in his videos but I wanted to get a feel what most of the Warriors use for blog building.

And other then creating a Google XML sitemap and pinging a list of ping services in WP what other methods do you use for getting traffic to your blogs... like RSS feeds, etc...

I want to build at least 1-3 sites weekly but don't have the time to promote each one, so I was thinking about building the sites then buying the plugin that one of the Warriors was selling that allows you to add hundreds of articles on auto-pilot (even PLR articles) that will continually grow the sites.

I figure at least the spiders will see new and fresh content being added daily getting them back to my site constantly.

Any feedback is appreciated...

Ted K
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    Get a niche with 100,000 Google results or less. Get a money-making keyword, get the .com name and install Wordpress. Plugins: Allinoneseopack, sitemap. You are better off getting Niche Marketing on Crack. Killer stuff.
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      I'm doing something similar to what you're talking about with Wordpress MU and PLR content. I use WPMU to be able to quickly setup subdomains blogs without the added expense of buying a bunch of new domains. The keyword rich subdomains that I use can be just as easy to SEO as a full domain.

      I also use Auto Social Poster to automate my social bookmarking to quickly build backlinks and get indexed. I definitely also recommend the Google Sitemaps plugin, and All-in-one SEO pack plugin. I also submit my RSS feeds to several top RSS aggregator sites. They can really help to get indexed quickly as well.

      I load up about 30 articles into WPMU to drip feed over time. I'm doing this manually right now, although it only takes me about 20 minutes to load all my articles. But, I am working developing my own plugin that basically does the same thing I'm doing manually, but by loading a full ZIP of text files with my article content. There are a few good plugins that do this already, but they are all lacking a feature here or there that I need, so I'm rolling my own.

      If you're interested in learning more you can check out the link in my sig. I'm running a WSO on the system right now also. It's a full video series on everything I'm doing.
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        Hi Entrepenerd have you got that article loading plugin yet?
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    Hi Ted,

    You are like me before.

    I'm playing with black hat before and feel just like you.

    My answer is the same as you as I'm trying to build a long-term business.
    So, what I focus on working now is to build my list, as big as possible and I believe you already know the reason behind it.

    When I'm using Wordpress, I use the following plug-ins to build my list.
    - All in one SEO
    - Google analytics
    - Google sitemap
    - Share-this
    - FasterIM opt-in (My own plug-in to build a pop-over opt-in form)

    That's my core plug-ins. :-)

    PS. I never use those type of auto-content generating plug-in cause I want to give a 'real' value to my readers.

    To your success!
    Seree W.
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