Now free e books people also don't want?

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I giving up 5 free health , fitness e collect vistors sign up emails...

I target the audiences who like health and fitness..

till now no one sign up for the free e book..

my ebook is not unpopular fact it teach you how to train , etc info from diet to how to get a good night sleep..

after months body sign up for the free ebooks..weird?

Don't know what I have done ..wrongly here..
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    How many visitors do you get to your site?
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    You can try just giving away one ebook/report on one specific topic with numbered list. This will probably be more enticing. Few examples can be:

    1. xx ways/tips to get in shape fast in xx days
    2. xx ways/tips to live a healthy lifestyle
    3. xx ways/tips to get 6 pack abs in xxx days

    You can collect/write a numbered list on a specific topic and create an ebook/report. It will be much better if you can have an eye catching cover for your ebook/report. Add the cover image on the newsletter/email signup form with a clear call-to-action. This is probably worth giving a try.

    - Nizam
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      Yeah I've also found it is difficult to even give stuff away in certain niches.

      What is the headline/call to action? Maybe try just one ebook with an irresistible headline? I'm not an expert though, but recently realised the power of unmissable headlines
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    Where is your sales page ? I am not sure you are getting enough traffic to your landing page to capture emails
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    Just because something is free doesn't mean people will flock to it...

    You still need to show how it's valuable, will provide benefits, connect to the reader, etc.
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  • Devilfish168,

    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    Don't know what I have done ..wrongly here..

    Your problem may be due to one or more of the following things:

    • TRAFFIC -- Quality and volume of your traffic, which may be related to your PPC / PPM targeting options, the places where you advertise, your ad materials in those places and / or the types of your other promotional campaigns (free and paid);

    • OFFER -- Quality and viability of your opt-in offers, which may be due to the value of your opt-in offers in the eyes of your target subscribers, and the effectiveness of your opt-in copies when it comes to grabbing the attention of your target subscribers, enticing them to learn more about your offers and compelling them to get your opt-in offers in exchange for their emails; and

    • PERCEIVED AUTHORITY -- This may be due to the overall look and feel of your landing pages, opt-in pages and the rest of your website, along with the value of the content materials in your website in terms of showing visitors your expertise in your niches...

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    Some people give away FREE Stuff to get emails. But ask yourself this one question...

    How many free emails addresses do you really have?

    Most people have at least (3).

    I have about 7!

    When you are giving free Ebooks away most people (not all) can sign up to your email list and not give you their very best email.

    So don't worry too much about the ebook.

    People sign up to your email list when they are 'compelled' to by something you did or said online. Something 'resonated' with them.

    Something about you resonated with them enough for them to 'opt in'.

    I hear of guys right here on WF giving away free ebooks and even the great [make money] online blogger John Chow gives away a free ebook to build his list.

    I used to give a free ebook but quickly figured out that most of my 'opt ins' were only after that free book. Another point...

    People who like free stuff don't always turn out to be buyers.

    But one thing that John may have that you possibly don't, is a ton of 'targeted' traffic.

    This makes the world of difference.

    So in a nutshell, little or zero traffic will = zero conversions.

    You can have sexiest offer but if no one sees it, you'll be dead in the water.
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    Don't know what I have done ..wrongly here..
    Nobody can tell you without seeing.

    Since links to your own site aren't allowed in the Main Marketing Forum, the way forward is for you to post a link in either the Copywriting or Conversion-Rate Optimization forum, here, with a heading like "Appraise my opt-in page, please", and a post explaining your problem, as you did above.

    That way, you can ask people what you're doing wrong and they'll be able to help you. Without seeing, it's just guesswork, isn't it? And that helps nobody.

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    Because they don't want ebooks. They want results.
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