What Are Some Top Ways To Use War Room Section To Build Your Business Online

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Can you share different ways how a newbie or experienced marketer can use the WAR ROOM effectively to help build their online business, generate sales, list building , etccc

Also, what other ways if it is not used to build your online business, can the members benefit from hanging in there occasionally....
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    Well, the War Room is filled with lots of great info (as well as info that might not help you out).

    So using information to help you move to the the next level, is obviously helpful.

    Not only that, posting something in there can also be helpful to your business growth as well.

    I first got coaching from someone because I watched his video in the war room...

    So you never know the opportunities it will bring.
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    You can build your reputation / brand by sharing stuff in there,
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    To be Frank, you won't find high-level information shared in the War Room. Treat it, instead, like a primer on internet marketing. Familiarize yourself with the information as a whole and then begin to isolate areas of particular interest. You may, for instance, discover you like the sound of affiliate marketing on Facebook. Learn what you can from the war room and then either take action and learn more or continue deeper studies elsewhere.


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    I'm not a member of the War Room, but I guess it's the same as any other media. Build a list, build authority for yourself.


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    War room is great. Generally, it is good information (depending on who is posting there). Since they are putting more effort in creating the resources (ebooks, video or anything else), it is not the same thing as a simple forum post. And as "Get Rich Methods" has said, you better select a particular area of interest, and then get more on more information on that subject. There will always be more people posting on that subject. Otherwise it is overwhelming.
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      Use the War Room as a "showroom" for your business. Offer up examples of the quality and type of knowledge and skills you have by applying them to solutions in your particular niche. The goal will be to showcase your skills and build a list of subscribers to your business. (Yes, I understand you can't force a sign-up; however, you can make your offer so incredible that prospects in your niche will want to join your list because they find you and your business exactly what they're looking for.)


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    I've been a member of the WR for several years and have visited twice.

    I strongly suggest newbies stay far away from it and the WSO forum.

    If you can figure out why, you might have a chance.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      I've been a member of the WR for several years and have visited twice.

      I strongly suggest newbies stay far away from it and the WSO forum.

      If you can figure out why, you might have a chance.
      I'd second this. Obviously, I can't comment on the value of the War Room since I'm not a member, but so far rather than using the War Room section, I've been using the $100 annual fee for the War Room membership as well as any money that I might be tempted to spend on WSOs (though admittedly, the temptation so far hasn't been to strong) on things my business actually needs. Like coffee.

      So far that seems to be working out pretty well for me.
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    I think that the original vision & purpose of the war room was to share good information and maybe even a few trade secrets with your fellow warrior members as a gesture of giving back and being generally helpful. Building yourself was just a nice side effect.

    But, as nearly always happens it seems to have turned into just another marketing tool.

    If you want to do something in there, then consider sharing something of value without a bunch of teasers, opt-ins, and/or plugs for WSOs. Simply having your name or business name attached should be enough.

    Even if you never contribute anything in the war room, then that is perfectly fine also because you have paid to gain access to the information there and not everybody is expected to nor will have anything to contribute.

    In the end, only you can really decide if the war room and its contents are of any use to you.
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