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I have had listings for offering service on Fiverr. I see I get views but no one wants to click for purchase since fiverr it is like ebay (guaranteed interested buyers where marketing is not necessary) well maybe it is you can attract for visitors outside of the fiverr site. But what can I do to entice their business for them to consider me for services?

I have had like over 1000 visits but no prospects
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    Your English is not very good so maybe that is turning people away, maybe hire a fluent English copywriter
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    If you have that many visits your problem is most probably conversion.

    Optimize your title and gig description.


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    Make sure that your gig is in demand. Do people buy it from other people? If so, then I agree with Greg. You might need to get some help writing your gig. Think of your Fiverr gig page like an ad. Make sure you hit all the keywords and have a great video. You could always hire a proofreader on Fiverr to help out for only $5. Something to consider. -Adam
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    People love content, make sure you fill your gigs with high quality content and a very clear description of what you are giving them.

    People also love to see something different and exciting, jazz up your fiverr and you will be sure to get more customers!

    Remember you have competition, mimic those who are doing really well
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    If your gig is new, people are hesitant to order because of risk and uncertainty. You should get 5-10 reviews before orders kick in. Some gigs like article writing are exception to this rule.

    And one more thing: if they see you're from US (just use proxy), they will be much more likely to buy :-)
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