Sales Funnel Done For You??

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Anyone have good results with a done for you sales funnel or have a list of highly converting DFY Funnels?
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    Could work if you're one of the first buyers.
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    I used one for a niche, but then I tweaked it so much that I finally re-did the whole thing. And, it converted horribly on the back end. Maybe I chose the wrong funnel. I prefer creating my own funnels though, since I don't want my customers to find the same info somewhere else and lose their trust in me.

    But that's just me. I've heard of people doing well with pre-made funnels, so it must work for others.
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    Premium, done for you funnels are usually built and customized for the person purchasing...

    Not sure what you mean by a list of... Maybe past WSOs?
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    I use them. They have always worked well for me. Don't hate the player
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  • I use Clickfunnels. They have a lot of awesome templates. I tweak them to fit my business more and you can easily split test pages. The user interface is really simple and if you don't know how to code or want to pay someone to custom code a funnel for you this is where it's at!
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    I would say use them as you control and then improve them with testing
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    I too have bought done for you sales funnels and have done very well with them. So far I have no need to tweak is because I`m experiencing high conversions. If you can create your own funnel, you will ensure that your content is unique.
    I`m just here for the food!
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