Is your content marketing strategy worked for you?

by alan01
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I am going to try the content marketing service for my Food website. I read about it on many blogs and forums. Everyone is recommending content marketing for driving quality traffic. Link building is what I tried before, but now looking for some new marketing ideas so I thought content marketing will be the best option.
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    now looking for some new marketing ideas so I thought content marketing will be the best option.
    I've had all my best traffic that way, in multiple niches, over the years.

    It can certainly be a very good option, as long as you make sure ...

    (i) that the places publishing your content already have the targeted traffic you seek to attract;

    (ii) that you don't submit unique content elsewhere, without first publishing it on your own site and gradually accumulating the initial indexations of the content, so that Google comes to recognise your site as the authoritative one from which the content has been syndicated;

    (iii) that you don't expect benefits from submitting content anywhere where it can "just be published" without any approval/acceptance/editorial criteria being in operation (this would be unrealistic).

    The suggestions in these posts/threads may help you ...

    How to write content for syndication: How to increase likelyhood of article syndication?

    How to use them: Your article writing ISN'T working! This is why:

    How to find publishers for them: How to Find Article Syndication Partners?

    How to approach them: Questions about Content Syndication

    For publishing content, the first and foremost place, of course, should always be your own site (and nowhere else until it's been published and indexed there). After that, anywhere that's specifically relevant to the subject of your niche, so that you can attract targeted traffic from the readers/visitors of those sites. Don't forget ezines, as well as websites. Their traffic can often be highly targeted and responsive, and their subscribers pretty attentive.

    Be aware that content marketing is a real relationship-building business.

    Good luck!

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