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Hi everyone,

I am building a membership website that offers ebooks, videos and software in the IM niche. I have 2 questions:
1) If you were a newbie starting out online, how much would you pay, and what would you expect from it?
2) If you are an IM Guru who already has one or more such membership websites, how much do you normally charge, and how do you suggest I provide more value to my audience so that the value they get out of the membership is much more than the money they pay?

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    Hi Madhushan,

    It depends on whether the e-books, resources, videos, are paid or not. If they're paid, or a mixture of paid and free, then $1 would be good, since it'll a low-barrier entry to build a big buyers list.

    If possible, for $1, create some free training, and if your customer likes it, they will go on and purchase more.

    If you're thinking of a monthly fee to an entire library of free resources, then charge $1 trial for X days, then $27/ month.

    Hope that helps!

    ~ Budi T

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    I think it really depends on the quality of the materials inside. If the products on the inside are high quality I would be willing to pay a good price for it $20+ a month. However, I would want to know whether they would be tied to specific areas of the IM niche or IM niche in general. The reason I ask is I wouldn't want to continue paying monthly if a lot of months had products and training that I would not be interested in ever pursuing. My recommendation would be to focus one site per sub niche of IM. For example a complete site full of training products on List building. Or a complete site of products on building niche sites. etc. I think you could find your target audience better and give more value to your customers at the same time.
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    Since I'm noob, then of course the cheaper the better for start but if it is recurring and I found it full of gold then I will pay some earned money for subscribe (if the price reasonable and worth the content).

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