How would you market a trading card business?

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A close friend of mine started a new trading card business (Western Grim) and asked for help on marketing their product. They don't really have much to spend on marketing, but I'd like to at least let them know what their options are. I've thought of a few possible options for them:
  • Facebook/PPC campaign redirecting to a landing page with a free offer, to build an email list.
  • Youtube videos

I don't really deal with this kind of business though (I'm pretty much doing 100% IM for local doctors), so I'm not sure. Any suggestions (both online marketing or offline) I can pass onto them?

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    Trading card business is very "club" oriented and very interactive. I would at least start some sort of a forum or bidding type model.

    Starting the way you have said is good to get base interest. You could always do old fashioned SEO for them as well.
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    You should try Reddit ads for this. It's $1 CPM to target a sub-reddit, and I'm sure there are a few of them that would be the perfect market for this.
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    Hey there! Marketing this is the same as marketing anything... figure out who would be interested in this, and then ask yourself "where do these people spend their time online?" Chris had a great suggestion about Reddit as there's more than likely a subreddit that these people frequent.

    I'm sure there are forums that attract people who are perfect for this business (there are so many niche forums out there!), and chances are they offer low-cost banner ads. You could also check out Bing Ads as they're significantly cheaper than AdWords and allow you to get the same level of targeting (that way you can get people as they're searching specifically for these trading cards).
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