Best course to create Video Sales Letter?

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I have been posting a VSL job ads on elance, and it turns out that the VSL provider prefer that I submit my own copywriting or script.

Should I let the VSL provider provide me with the copywriting as well? If I do this, then, my concern is that they may not understand my target audience as well as I do.

Is it really necessary for me to learn VSL copywriting? May I know what is the best course out there for VSL copywriting?

I am planning to sell infoproducts on ClickBank as a vendor.
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    This doesn't need to be so complicated. The person who is recording the video wants a script to read. They might not be a copywriter who can write well.

    Your best bet is to create a sales letter yourself and send it to the person doing the recording. If you wnat to hire a copywriter to write for you that might work too. But it might be easier for that person if you wrote up what you want in a first draft format and sent it to the copywriter.

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    vsl is same as sl, but in video form...
    so a VIDEO sales letter is still a sales letter... only read out loud

    nothing to learn about

    Be grateful for everything you have.

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    There's actually quite a difference...

    Copying a sales letter to a VSL can work however there's many elements that need to be added...

    One off the top of my head is to remind the person to "Keep watching" or "Watch until the end"...

    And there's plenty more where that came from
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    So, anyone know who is the best person to learn VSL copywriting from? Thx.
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    Not too long ago there was a wso on video sales letter templates I believe in both Word and PowerPoint. I think it was a Sean Mize product. Also a lot of clickbank sales pages have video sales letters that might be good for reference or anything from Ryan Deiss.
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    Hey guys, If anybody wants and tips on "How to create cool looking video " for your sales - let me know, be happy to help where I can :-)
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    Definitely avoid the {captured} audience gimmick that seems to be so popular these days, there are three types of audience, visual, audio, print, there may be some variations, but those three are the main audience identifiers. In my mind the only reason to have a long long, VSL is if you are attempting to "brain wash" your audience, it can be effective, but in the end your action taking buyers will be much happier with a product that sells itself.
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    A video sales letter is a sales letter adapted for video presentation.

    I squirm whenever copywriters try to convince people otherwise,
    as though there are some secret sauce to writing a video script. In
    fact, one highly priced product I saw used the same outline that
    I have been sharing with my students and using myself for almost
    10 years now and this was presented as some "breakthrough".

    The main difference with a VSL is the strategy you use to keep
    the viewer's attention but that is still the 'A' in AIDA.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Any copywriter worth their salt should be able to understand your target audience as well as you do. If they don't before you hire them, it's in their best interests to find out PDQ - usually by talking to you before they write the copy, getting feedback from you after they've written it, and tweaking it until it's correct.

    Ray is right, a VSL is a sales letter adapted for video - it needs a few minor tweaks because written language tends to be slightly different from spoken language, but that's it.

    PM me if you need any help or advice with this.
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    Dude... you're working too hard. Hit me up:
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